1up Candy Faze Rug Super Sour Challenge Candy

1up Candy Faze Rug Super Sour Challenge Candy


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1 Up Candy Canada

Unleashing the “1 Up Candy”: At Snack Attack, we believe in offering unique and exciting experiences to our customers, and the “1 Up Candy” is the embodiment of that philosophy. Inspired by the beloved world of video games, this candy is designed to give you a boost of joy and excitement with each bite.

1Up Candy Flavour

Flavors that Level Up: The “1 Up Candy” comes in a variety of flavors, each more tantalizing than the last. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • Extreme Sour: 1 up candy comes in extreme sour flavor. One of the most famous candy in this flavour is Faze Rug Super Sour Challenge Candy. This candy has a unique taste with very different flavour.

1 Up Candy Vancouver

Unlock the Sweet Rewards: But wait, there’s more to the “1 Up Candy” than just its fantastic flavors! Hidden within each package are special surprise stickers. Collect them all to unlock exclusive rewards, including discounts on future purchases, limited-edition Snack Attack merchandise, and even a chance to win a gaming console!

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