Pop Rocks Trapical Punch Pooping Candy
Pop Rocks Tra... $1.99
"Experience a taste sensation like no other with Pop Rocks Trapical Punch Pooping Candy! These explosive candies will take your mouth on a wild ride with their fruity tropical punch flavor. And not only that, they even pop and crackle in your mouth, making for a truly unique and fun snacking experience!"
Warheads Popping Candy Sour Blue Raspberry
Warheads Popp... $2.25
Satisfy your sweet and sour cravings with Warheads Popping Candy Sour Blue Raspberry. This tasty treat combines the classic Warheads sour flavor with the fun, popping sensation of popping candy. Perfect for all ages, this candy will add a burst of excitement to any snack time or party.
Magic Pop Popping Candy - Strawberry Flavor
Magic Pop Pop... $0.99 $1.49
Indulge in the enchanting deliciousness of our Magic Pops - Strawberry Flavor. These delightful treats will make your taste buds dance and keep you popping all day long. With their burst of strawberry flavor and magical charm, you won't be able to resist these irresistible snacks!
Warheads Sour Popping Candy 3 Pack
Warheads Sour... $3.98 $5.98
Satisfy your taste buds and your inner child with Warheads Sour Popping Candy. These bite-sized treats pack a punch of sour and popping flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Perfect for parties, snacking, or indulging in a childhood favorite. Get ready for a taste explosion!
Warheads Ooze Chewz TB
Warheads Ooze... $3.25
Get ready for a flavor explosion with Warheads Ooze Chewz TB! These delicious chewy candies are packed with the iconic sour taste of Warheads and ooze with juicy flavor. Perfect for satisfying your sweet and sour cravings (and maybe even pulling a prank on your friends!).
Warhead Chewy Cubes TB
Warhead Chewy... $3.99
Introducing Warhead Chewy Cubes TB - the ultimate taste sensation for your taste buds! These chewy bites are packed with an explosion of flavor that will leave you wanting more. Perfect for satisfying your sweet and sour cravings!
Magic Pop Popping Candy Grape Flavour
Magic Pop Pop... $0.99 $1.49
Filled with the genuine flavor of ripe grapes, every small candy burst offers a chance to relish the essence of this popular fruit. The enchanting grape taste will whisk you away to a vineyard with each delightful pop and crackle, earning it a top spot among candy lovers.
After Shocks Popping Cotton Candy
After Shocks ... $3.99
Get ready for some sweet and surprising fun with After Shocks Popping Cotton Candy! This unique treat combines the classic taste of cotton candy with an exciting popping sensation. Perfect for parties or just a playful snack, this candy will leave your taste buds buzzing.