Pelon Pelenotes Mexican Tamarind Candy
Pelon Pelenot... $1.88
Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarind Candy stands out as a top choice for spicy candy lovers in Mexico. This traditional treat features tamarind flavor and is packed with tamarind pulp in a push-pop style, ensuring that the inner tamarind pulp candy emerges at the top.
Valentina Yellow
Valentina Yellow $5.99
Valentina Salsa Picante is among Mexico's top-selling chili sauces, known for its mild yet spicy flavor profile featuring tangy citrus notes followed by a spicy kick. It is ideal for various snacks like crisps, popcorn, fruit, salads, and seafood cocktails.
Peloneta Hot Tamarindo Spicy Lollipop Sucker
Peloneta Hot ... $1.50
The one-of-a-kind fruit-flavored lollipop contains pulp, is wrapped in chilito, and features the delightful taste of Pelon Pelo Rico. This lollipop boasts three tasty layers: a soft candy exterior flavored with Pelon Tamarind, a hard candy interior with Mango flavor, and a spicy chili powder center. It is a unique Mexican candy treat.
Pulparindo Push Tam
Pulparindo Pu... $1.88
The "Pulparindo Push" is a delectable sugary caramel infused with the fruity essence of tamarind pulp, sugar grains, and a hint of sourness, creating a delightful blend of flavors.
Van Holten's Jumbo Tapatio Pickle
Van Holten's ... $5.25
Introducing Van Holten's Jumbo Tapatio Pickle - a spicy twist on the classic pickled treat! Packed with the fiery flavor of Tapatio hot sauce, this jumbo pickle is perfect for snacking on-the-go or adding some zing to your favorite dishes. Get ready to kick your taste buds into high gear with this unique and flavorful treat!
Pulparindots Watermelon
Pulparindots ... $1.50
The Pulparindots offer a delightful mix of zesty tamarind and sweet watermelon. Encased in a tasty watermelon shell, the tamarind pulp delivers a burst of flavor in every mouthful. Ideal for quick snacks or adding a distinctive touch to your beloved recipes.
Cheetos Xtra Flamin' Hot Mexico
Cheetos Xtra ... $8.99
Add an extra kick of fiery spice to your snacking routine with crispy, cheesy snacks. Take your snacking game to the next level with CHEETOS® Crunchy XXTRA FLAMIN’ HOT® Cheese Flavored Snacks.
Lucas Gusano Sour
Lucas Gusano ... $1.50
This delightful bottle contains tamarind liquid candy with a spicy chili kick at the end! While it retains the sour and sweet tamarind flavor, the addition of chili enhances its taste.
Chamoy Mango Bites
Chamoy Mango ... $5.50
Flavorful Reduced down Cuts - Our fiery dried mango chamoy candy comes in little, simple to-appreciate Cuts that are a good time for youngsters, teenagers, and grown-ups. They likewise highlight a delicate, chewy surface that matches well with the sweet, tart flavors inside.
Chamoy Pickle Kit w/ 4 items
Chamoy Pickle... $24.99
Amazing Mexican Sweets Blend - This collection gives you pickles (Ricos Chamoy), Swinkles Salsaghetti (watermelon), Lucas chamoy powder and sauce, and Lucas Muecas and Gusano (green apple).
Tinajita Sandia Spicy Watermelon Lollipop Single Unit
Tinajita Sand... $1.25
Spice up your taste buds with our Tinajita Sandia Spicy Watermelon Lollipop! This single unit will have you jumping for joy with its unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors. It's the perfect treat for those who don't take themselves too seriously. Go ahead, give it a lick!
Tajin Clasico (400g)
Tajin Clasico... $14.99
Introducing Tajin Clasico! Perfectly balanced with a blend of chili, lime, and salt, this 400g seasoning will add a punch of flavor to any dish. Sprinkle it on fruits, vegetables, or meats for a delicious and zesty kick. Say goodbye to boring food and hello to Tajin Clasico!
Fanta Pineapple Mexico Glass Bottle
Fanta Pineapp... $4.99
Quench your thirst with a taste of Mexico! Our Fanta Pineapple glass bottle brings the tropical flavors of the Caribbean right to your lips. Sip away and get lost in the sweet, zesty bubbles. (Warning: may cause serious cravings for a beach vacation.)
Jarritos Mango
Jarritos Mango $3.50
Quench your thirst with Jarritos Mango, the perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavors. This refreshing drink will transport you to a tropical paradise with every sip. No need for a plane ticket - just grab a Jarritos Mango and enjoy the ride. ¡Delicioso!
Fanta Strawberry Mexico Glass Bottle
Fanta Strawbe... $4.99
Quench your thirst with a sweet twist! Fanta Strawberry in a classic Mexico Glass Bottle is a refreshingly fruity mix of nostalgia and flavor. Enjoy the playful fizz and the unique glass bottle (perfect for a #throwback pic). Limited edition, so grab it while you can!
Hotlix Margarita Sucker with Salt
Hotlix Margar... $4.99
Indulge in a unique twist on the classic margarita with Hotlix Margarita Sucker with Salt. This playful treat combines the sweetness of a sucker with a hint of salt for a burst of flavor. Perfect for any occasion, these suckers are a fun and delicious way to enjoy a margarita without the hassle. Cheers!
Sabritones - Chile & Limon
Sabritones - ... $7.99
Get a flavorful kick with Sabritones - Chile & Limon! These crunchy puffed wheat snacks are spiced with delicious chile and tangy lime. Perfect for a tasty and playful snack.
Lucas Skwinkles Rellenos Pineapple Flavor
Lucas Skwinkl... $2.50
Add a twist to your snack time with Lucas Skwinkles Rellenos Pineapple Flavor. Bursting with tangy pineapple flavor, these tasty treats will satisfy your craving for something sweet and sour. Perfect for any adventurous snacker. Try them now!
Lays - Chile Limon Flavored (219.70g)
Lays - Chile ... $9.99
Beginning with farm-grown potatoes, we meticulously cook and season them to perfection. Infused with the heat of chilies and the tang of real lime, each LAY'S® potato chip is wonderfully crispy and flavorful. Experience Happiness in Every Bite.®
Jarritos Assorted Flavor 6 pack
Jarritos Asso... $19.99
Discover the Refreshing World of Jarritos.Have you tried Jarritos yet? This soda, made in Mexico, is known for its fruity flavors and lower carbonation compared to other popular soft drinks. With plenty of naturally flavored varieties to choose from, it's no wonder Jarritos is a fan favorite. Fun fact: the name Jarrito comes from the Spanish word for "little jug" and reflects the Mexican tradition of serving drinks in clay pottery jugs.
Arachi Japones Natural - Japanese Style Coated Peanuts 180g
Arachi Japone... $2.88
Crunchy and Flavorful:These peanuts are coated with a special mix of spices and seasonings, resulting in a delicious and satisfying flavor.Japanese-Inspired Seasoning:The Japones...Flavor Profile:Roasted peanuts encased in a crispy shell, offering a distinctive and gratifying blend of textures.
Tama Roca Banderilla Fruit Candy 50g
Tama Roca Ban... $2.50
Sweet, tangy, and oh-so-delicious, Tama Roca Banderilla Fruit Candy offers a burst of flavor in every bite. Made with only the freshest fruit, this 50g treat is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth on-the-go. Don't wait - grab a bag of Tama Roca and taste the difference!
Lucas Baby Chamoy Powder 20g
Lucas Baby Ch... $1.88
Spice up your snacks with Lucas Baby Chamoy Powder! This 20g packet packs a punch (or should we say powder?) with its unique blend of tangy and spicy flavors. Perfect for adding a kick to fruits, chips, and more. Don't be afraid to try something new and add some BAM to your taste buds!
Sabritas Rancheritos 145g
Sabritas Ranc... $8.99
Indulge in the zesty and bold flavors of Sabritas Rancheritos Chips for a snack that hits the spot.
Cheetos Xtra Flamin' Hot Nueva Imagen 145g
Cheetos Xtra ... $8.99
Get ready for a fiery fiesta of flavors in every crunchy, cheesy bite with CHEETOS® Crunchy FLAMIN’ HOT® Cheese Flavored Snacks! Packed with real cheese, these snacks are bursting with bold and spicy deliciousness.
Sabritas Cheetos Bolitas 110g
Sabritas Chee... $7.99
Indulge in a tasty treat with Sabritas Cheetos Bolitas! These deliciously cheesy balls are perfect for satisfying your cravings. Snack on the go or share with friends, this 110g bag is perfect for any occasion. Get your cheese fix with Sabritas Cheetos Bolitas!
Jarritos Mexican Cola
Jarritos Mexi... $3.50
Oh Jarritos Mexican Cola, how refreshing! Made with real cane sugar, this fizzy drink is the perfect way to quench your thirst. Say goodbye to boring colas and hello to a fun and flavorful taste experience. Add some Mexican flair to your day with Jarritos!
Pulparindo Plush Mango Flavour Pulparindo Plush Mango Flavour
Pulparindo Pl... $1.88
Pulparindo is a chewy candy strip, reminiscent of a fruit roll-up but with a more thrilling flavor profile. The inclusion of tropical mangoes introduces an irresistible element that will leave you craving more.
Pigui The Original Slaps Watermelon Lollipops (100g) Pigui The Original Slaps Watermelon Lollipops (100g)
Pigui The Ori... $5.99
Pigui brings you Watermelon Flavor Paletas Mexican Candy Lollipops that slap with flavor! Each bag holds 10 of these fun treats. These lollipops are not your average hard candy; they're as flexible as a yoga instructor! Hailing from Mexico, these lollipops are super soft and a TikTok sensation! Grab the stick, give it a little slap, and enjoy bending these tasty delights right into your mouth for a sweet surprise!
Pelon Pelonazo Sabor A Limon Y Sal (100g)
Pelon Pelonaz... $4.99
Get ready for a flavor explosion with Pelon Pelonazo Sabor A Limon Y Sal (100g)! This tangy and salty treat will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or spicing up your dishes. Get your hands on this unique and delicious snack today!
Lucas Pelucas Tamarind Flavoured Hot Candy (40g) Lucas Pelucas Tamarind Flavoured Hot Candy (40g)
Lucas Pelucas... $2.99
This lollipop offers a thrilling tamarind flavor that combines sweetness, saltiness, sourness, and tanginess all at once. To add an extra kick to your taste buds, the candy comes with chili powder. Simply lick the lollipop and dip it into the chili powder for a spicy and exciting candy experience! Get ready for a sweet yet fiery treat!
Lucas Muecas Fuego (24g)
Lucas Muecas ... $1.99
THE PERFECT LOLLIPOP! Lucas Muecas it’s a delicious candy with a lollipop and chili powder that make the best mix between sweet and hot. Take it everywhere with you and enjoy it at any moment of your day. Live intense and try all the different flavors Muecas has for you, Chamoy, Mango, Cucumber, Watermelon, Cherry. PERFECT COMPLEMENT FOR YOUR PARTIES! Enjoy each moment with your family and friends at your parties, graduation, birthday, piñatas or at any holiday

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