Takis Blue Heat Mexico 280.7g
Takis Blue He... $9.99
Spice up your snacking routine with these zesty tortilla chips infused with a hint of lime for an added kick. Enhance your snacking experience with these flavorful treats. Indulge in this delightful Mexican candy that captures the essence of Mexico's unique flavors in a jelly-like sweet.
Takis Crisps - Fuego (155.92g)
Takis Crisps ... $8.99
Add some fire to your snacking with Takis Crisps - Fuego! These spicy, crunchy chips pack a flavorful punch in every bite. Perfect for those who crave a little heat in their snacks. Get ready to feel the burn with Takis Crisps - Fuego!
Takis Blue Heat Mexico 92.3g
Takis Blue He... $5.50
Experience the heat of Mexico with Takis Blue Heat! These 92.3g crunchy corn snacks pack a punch of flavor with their spicy, blue colored seasoning. Don't just eat chips, take a trip with Takis!
Takis Stix Flare
Takis Stix Flare $9.99
Transform snack time with Takis snacks! These fiery chips and spicy peanuts offer a satisfying crunch and a whole new world of sensational flavor blends that will delight your taste buds. Enjoy them at school, with friends, on game days, or during adventures. Takis snacks are the ideal treat to curb your cravings. With a range of spicy tastes, these savory snacks are not only delicious but also convenient for sharing on the move. Grab a variety pack, individual snack bags, or a larger sharing size for your next gathering or road trip. 
Bigs - Takis Fuego Sunflower Seeds (152g)
Bigs - Takis ... $6.00
Is it warm in this room, or is it just us? Oh, never mind, it must be the fiery heat of Takis® Fuego® Sunflower Seeds. Experience the intense spiciness with a delightful explosion of hot chili pepper and lime in each seed.
Takis Jalapeno Kettlez
Takis Jalapen... $7.50
Kettle Brand's Jalapeno-flavored Potato Chips provide a spicy and delightful snacking adventure. The fiery kick of Jalapeno is harmonized with the crispy texture of kettle-cooked chips, offering a satisfying blend of flavors and crunchiness.
Takis Stix Fuego
Takis Stix Fuego $9.99
Elevate snack time with Takis snacks! These fiery chips and spicy peanuts offer a satisfying crunch and a whole new realm of delightful flavor fusions that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether you're in school, chilling with friends, enjoying game day, or embarking on an adventure, Takis is the go-to snack that will fulfill your cravings. Infused with a variety of spicy blends, these savory treats are not only delicious but also perfect for snacking on the move. Grab a variety pack, individual snack, or a sharing size bag for your next gathering or road trip. 
Takis Kettlez Fuego Mexico 227g
Takis Kettlez... $9.99
Barcel's Takis Kettlez Fuego Potato Chips are heavenly . Given over from one age to another, Chiles Toreados are made via singing new chiles on a rankling barbecue to heighten their intensity. With their new, fiery (fuego) flavor, Barcel has captured their essence.
Takis Guacamole
Takis Guacamole $9.99
Add some spiciness to your snacking experience with Takis Guacamole! These crunchy corn chips are infused with the bold flavor of guacamole, making each bite a flavorful and unique sensation. Perfect for a party snack or a quick spicy fix, Takis Guacamole will be your new go-to snack!
Takis Kettlez Habanero Fury
Takis Kettlez... $7.99
Get ready for a flavor explosion with Takis Kettlez Habanero Fury! These chips pack a punch with a fiery habanero flavor that will leave your taste buds begging for more. Say goodbye to boring snacks and hello to a wild and delicious adventure.

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