THAI: Lay's Max Ghost Pepper  Flavor 44g.
THAI: Lay's M... $5.99
A startling turn to the exemplary brilliant Lay's Potato Chips, this thin furrowed Max Phantom Pepper chip conveys a fiery pepper taste with each nibble.
Lay's Max Crab Curry Flavour Thailand - 71g
Lay's Max Cra... $5.99
Indulge in every bag filled with light, crispy chips seasoned with a zesty spice blend, tangy crab pieces, and a touch of curry flavor for a unique crunchy and flavorful snack tailored to delight your taste buds.
Amira Makam - Tamarind Filled Candy (Thailand)
Amira Makam -... $4.25
Indulge in a taste explosion with Amira Makam Tamarind Filled Candy! Sourced from Thailand, these sweet treats are bursting with tangy tamarind filling. The perfect balance of sweet and sour, with a unique twist that will leave your taste buds wanting more. (Warning: may cause addiction!)
Mix Spicy Korean Chicken Biscuit Sticks 60g (Thailand)
Mix Spicy Kor... $4.00
Get ready to add some spice to your snacking game with our Mix Spicy Korean Chicken Biscuit Sticks from Thailand! These crunchy and flavorful sticks pack a punch with their unique blend of Korean spices, making them the perfect snack for any occasion. Try them now and satisfy your cravings with a fiery twist!
Pretz Larb
Pretz Larb $3.99
Take snack time to the next level with Pretz Larb! Enjoy the perfect blend of light and crispy pretzels with an explosion of savory flavor in every bite. This unique snack will have you coming back for more! Perfect for parties, movie nights, or any time you're craving something deliciously different. Dare to try Pretz Larb today!
Lays Shrimp Tom Yum Hot Pot Flavor
Lays Shrimp T... $5.99
Get ready to heat up your taste buds with our Lays Shrimp Tom Yum Hot Pot Flavor chips! Experience the bold and savory taste of traditional Tom Yum flavors with a spicy kick that will keep you coming back for more. Perfect for your next snack attack!
Thai - Lays Max Extra Crunch Crab Curry Flavor
Thai - Lays M... $4.99
Get ready to spice up your snack game with Thai-flavored Lays Max Extra Crunch chips! With a unique blend of crab and curry flavors, this crispy, savory treat will satisfy all your cravings. No need to travel to Thailand for authentic flavors - enjoy them from the comfort of your own home! (Chips, but make it Thai-rrific!)
Pringles Texas Style BBQ 42g Thailand
Pringles Texa... $4.99
Get ready to experience a Texas-sized flavor explosion with Pringles Texas Style BBQ! These crispy, limited edition chips pack a punch of tangy, smoky BBQ flavor that will have your taste buds singing yee-haw! So grab a can and get ready to rodeo! (Contains 42g, made in Thailand)
Tasto Devil Limited Edition Chips Thailand BBQ
Tasto Devil L... $5.50
Indulge in the fiery flavors of Tasto Devil's Limited Edition Thailand BBQ chips. Satisfy your craving for hot and sweet with the perfect balance of spicy chili and sweet BBQ sauce. A devilishly delicious snack!
Lays 2 in 1 Charcoal Grilled Chicken & Somtum Flavor
Lays 2 in 1 C... $4.99
Have a flavor blast with Lays 2 in 1 Charcoal Grilled Chicken & Somtum! Enjoy the bold and smoky taste of charcoal grilled chicken combined with the zesty kick of Somtum flavor. Perfect for snack time or anytime!
Lays Stax Shrimp Tom Yum
Lays Stax Shr... $9.99
Lay's Stax Shrimp Tom Yum Hot Pot: A Thai-Inspired Snack Adventure.Experience the bold and distinct taste of Thai-style Tom Yum in every bite of Lay's Stax Shrimp Tom Yum Hot Pot. These crunchy potato chips are infused with rich, aromatic spices and a unique blend of chilis, making them the perfect snack for those seeking a flavor adventure.
Lays Stir Fried Shrimp w Chilli and Garlic Flavor
Lays Stir Fri... $5.99
Indulge in the flavorful fusion of Lays Stir Fried Shrimp with Chilli and Garlic. Experience a delicious kick of spice with each crunchy bite. Perfect for a snack break or as a unique addition to any party spread. Go ahead, give it a try (your taste buds will thank you)!
Lays Max Spicy Seafood Salad Thailand
Lays Max Spic... $5.99
Indulge in a fusion of flavors with Lays Max Spicy Seafood Salad Thailand. This limited edition snack packs a punch of spice and savory seafood, perfect for satisfying your cravings. Snack boldly with Lays Max!
Lays Max Chicken Yakitori Thailand
Lays Max Chic... $5.99
Indulge in the ultimate chip experience with Lays Max Chicken Yakitori Thailand. Crispy, flavorful, and oh-so-addictive, these chips will transport you to the streets of Thailand with every bite. Enjoy the bold taste of chicken yakitori with a hint of Thai spices. Snack on, my friend.
Pringles MMMeat Lovers Pizza
Pringles MMMe... $5.99
Limited Edition Pringles Sizzling Meat Lovers Pizza Flavor stacked potato chips are bursting with savory meaty taste, resembling a beloved pizza flavor! Perfect for sharing, this generous stack is a fantastic addition to any barbecue, picnic, or party.
Koikeya - Strong Pizza Potato Chips 52g
Koikeya - Str... $4.99
Satisfy your cravings with Koikeya - Strong Pizza Potato Chips! With the perfect combination of savory pizza flavor and a satisfying crunch, these chips are the perfect snack for any occasion. Plus, at 52g, there's plenty to share (or not, we won't judge). Grab a bag and indulge in the deliciousness now!
Bourbon - Stump Shaped Biscuit 60g
Bourbon - Stu... $4.99
Satisfy your cravings with Bourbon's unique Stump Shaped Biscuits! Made with delicious Bourbon flavor, these 60g treats are perfect for a quick snack or to share with friends. Feel the crunch and enjoy a tasty twist on traditional biscuits.
Meiji - Kinokonoyama Mushroom Chocolate (74g) - Japan
Meiji - Kinok... $8.99
Indulge in a playful treat with Meiji's Kinokonoyama Mushroom Chocolate from Japan. This 74g chocolate bar features a unique blend of mushroom and chocolate, providing a quirky and delicious flavor experience. Perfect for those who enjoy trying new and unusual flavors.
Koikeya - Strong Sour Cream Onion Potato Chips
Koikeya - Str... $4.99
Get ready to pucker up with Koikeya's Strong Sour Cream Onion Potato Chips! These chips pack a flavorful punch with the perfect balance of tangy sour cream and savory onion. One bite and you'll be hooked! 
Mentos Incredible Chew! Grape Thailand
Mentos Incred... $3.99
Get ready for a grape-tastic experience with Mentos Incredible Chew from Thailand! Each chewy bite delivers a burst of grape flavor that will make your taste buds dance. Try this quirky and fun treat today! (Note: not responsible for addiction to grape-ness.)
Lays Chips - 7 Spiced Squid
Lays Chips - ... $5.99
Indulge in Lays Chips' newest flavor, 7 Spiced Squid! Each crispy chip packs a spicy punch of seven different flavors, giving your taste buds a deliciously unique experience. Perfect for snacking on the go or sharing with friends, these chips are sure to be a hit at any party. So grab a bag and "squid"addle on over for a tasty treat!
Mentos Rainbow Thailand
Mentos Rainbo... $3.99
Indulge in a spectrum of fruity flavors with Mentos Rainbow Thailand! Bursting with tropical taste, each chewy candy is a mini adventure for your taste buds. Try all the colors and shake up your snack routine. (Rainbow not included.)
Xylitol X BTS Sugar Free Gum Mint
Xylitol X BTS... $1.99
Introducing Xylitol X BTS Sugar Free Gum Mint - a collaboration to keep your breath fresh while jamming out! With the natural sweetener xylitol, you'll enjoy a guilt-free chewing experience. Say goodbye to sugar and hello to fresh breath and a cool mint flavor. (Fave of ARMYs!)
Thailand Snack Box
Thailand Snac... from $49.99
Are you missing Thailand snacks? This Thailand snack box is for you. Inside the box, there is a range of delicious snacks that are immersed in the bold and unique ingredients of Thailand. This box has everything for someone to enjoy.
KitKat Milk Tea Japan (81g) KitKat Milk Tea Japan (81g)
KitKat Milk T... $9.99
Indulge in a unique combination of Japanese milk tea and crunchy wafer with KitKat Milk Tea Japan (81g). This playful twist on the classic KitKat bar will satisfy your sweet tooth and transport you to the streets of Japan. No need to travel, just take a break and enjoy!
Bandai Doraemon Fuwa Choco Monaka (22g) - Japan
Bandai Doraem... $4.50
This uniquely Japanese chocolate snack features a fun blend of Bandai and Doraemon characters, with the playful addition of Fuwa Choco Monaka. Get a taste of Japan with this 22g treat! (Chocolate lovers rejoice!)
Meiji Pucca Strawberry Chocolate (39g) - Japan
Meiji Pucca S... $4.99
Take a bite of Japan with Meiji Pucca Strawberry Chocolate! This 39g treat is packed with playful flavor and sweet benefits. From the quirky packaging to the scrumptious chocolate and strawberry combination, this is a must-try for anyone looking to add a little fun to their snack game. Order now before it's gone!
Uha Puccho Cola Stick Candy (50g) - Japan
Uha Puccho Co... $4.50
Indulge in a quirky treat with Uha Puccho Cola Stick Candy (50g) - Japan. These stick candies are bursting with a unique blend of cola flavor, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Perfect for snacking on-the-go or sharing with friends. Get your hands on this fun and tasty snack now!
Meiji kinokonoyama Mushroom Strawberry Chocolate (64g) - Japan
Meiji kinokon... $7.99
Delicious and ideal for fulfilling sweet cravings, these strawberry chocolate biscuits are irresistible for daily snacking! Each biscuit showcases an adorable mushroom-shaped design with a delightful strawberry chocolate base. The finishing touch is the luscious milk chocolate coating on top. Elevate your ice cream with these Kinoko no Yama (mushroom mountain) biscuits as delightful toppings.
Kabaya Sakusaku panda Cookies Chocolate (47g) - Japan
Kabaya Sakusa... $5.49
These adorable panda chocolate biscuits are undeniably cute, with crispy and flavorful bite-sized biscuit bases covered in thick layers of both milk and dark chocolate to form the most delightful panda face treats you've ever laid eyes on.