Pringles Hot & Spicy
Pringles Hot ... $7.99
Spice up your snack game with Pringles Hot & Spicy! These crunchy potato crisps pack a punch with every bite, making them perfect for those who love a little heat. So grab a can and get ready to satisfy your cravings with this wild and spicy flavor. Warning: may cause addiction.
Pringles Texas Style BBQ 42g Thailand
Pringles Texa... $4.99
Get ready to experience a Texas-sized flavor explosion with Pringles Texas Style BBQ! These crispy, limited edition chips pack a punch of tangy, smoky BBQ flavor that will have your taste buds singing yee-haw! So grab a can and get ready to rodeo! (Contains 42g, made in Thailand)
Pringles Minecraft Suspicious Stew (158g) Pringles Minecraft Suspicious Stew (158g)
Pringles Mine... $8.99
Pringles® Potato Crisps' delightful combination of hearty stew and a subtle spicy kick will transport you to the delicious Minecraft® world. Kick the experience off with a crunchy modest bunch of Dubious Stew flavor.
Pringles Scorchin Extreme Buffalo (158g)
Pringles Scor... $9.99
Elevate your snacking experience with the fiery and delicious taste of Pringles® Scorchin’ Buffalo Potato Crisps. Each stackable crisp is bursting with tangy buffalo-wing flavor and intense heat from edge to edge.
Pringles Fusion Chutney Flavour 102g
Pringles Fusi... $7.99
Satisfy your snack cravings with Pringles Fusion in Chutney flavor. With a unique blend of spices, this fusion will have your taste buds singing! Perfect for a movie night or on-the-go snacking. Try it in Pringle's new 102g tube. (P.S: It's addictive!)
Pringles Cheeky Cheese Stuffed Burger 97g Thailand
Pringles Chee... $7.99
Indulge in a cheeky snack with Pringles Cheeky Cheese Stuffed Burger! Crunch into the delicious taste of stuffed burger, layered with mouth-watering cheese. Made in Thailand, this unique flavor will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.
Pringles Snazzy Spanish Style Shrimp 97g Thailand
Pringles Snaz... $7.99
Get a taste of Spain with Pringles Snazzy Spanish Style Shrimp! These crispy and flavorful chips are made with real shrimp and a touch of spice, bringing a unique twist to the classic Pringles you know and love. Perfect for snacking or adding some fun to your next fiesta. Viva la Pringles!
Pringles - Mexican Street Corn Elote 158g
Pringles - Me... $11.99
Indulge in the bold flavor of Mexican street corn with Pringles - Mexican Street Corn Elote. With each crisp, you'll experience the perfect balance of corn, lime, and chili flavors. Whether you're snacking on the go or at a party, these Pringles are sure to be a crowd favorite.
Pringles MMMeat Lovers Pizza
Pringles MMMe... $5.99
Limited Edition Pringles Sizzling Meat Lovers Pizza Flavor stacked potato chips are bursting with savory meaty taste, resembling a beloved pizza flavor! Perfect for sharing, this generous stack is a fantastic addition to any barbecue, picnic, or party.

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