Trailer Park Boys Chicken Chips 85g
Trailer Park ... $4.99
Satisfy your snack cravings with Trailer Park Boys Chicken Chips! These flavorful chips will make your taste buds jump for joy. Perfect for your next party or late-night munchies, these 85g bags are big enough to share but delicious enough to keep to yourself (we won't judge).   This is 85g Bag as the picture gram is different.
Cadbury Caramilk 50g Canada
Cadbury Caram... $2.50
"'What is Caramilk?' you may ask. Caramilk is a delightful fusion of Cadbury white chocolate and caramelized milk powder created for the UK & Ireland market. The outcome is a luscious golden caramel chocolate taste."
COFFEE CRISP ... $2.50
Coffee Crisp, a Canadian-made chocolate bar, features layers of vanilla wafer and coffee-flavored soft candy, all enveloped in a milk chocolate coating. Initially introduced by the British company Rowntree's, it is now owned and distributed by Nestlé.
OH HENRY! Chocolatey Full Size Candy Bar 58 g
OH HENRY! Cho... $2.50
Lay’s Ketchup Flavored Potato chips 235g
Lay’s Ketchup... $9.99
Satisfy your craving for bold flavor with Lay’s Ketchup flavored potato chips. These crunchy chips are coated in delicious tangy ketchup seasoning for a unique and tasty snack experience. Perfect for a game night or movie marathon, these chips will add a playful twist to your snacking routine. THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY
Cadbury Crunchie King Size
Cadbury Crunc... $2.50
Indulge in the royal-sized deliciousness of Cadbury Crunchie King Size. Made with creamy Cadbury chocolate and crunchy honeycomb, it's a treat fit for a king (or queen)! Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth cravings with a touch of luxury.
MACKINTOSH'S Toffee Bar 45g Canada
MACKINTOSH'S ... $2.88
Savor the timeless Canadian candy flavor of Mackintosh Toffee! With over a century of adoration, Macintosh's MackToffee offers a delectable experience. This golden, buttery toffee bar is a pure delight in every bite!
Maynards Swedish Berries 154g Canada
Maynards Swed... $5.88
This chewy red candy resembles a real berry and is crafted with real fruit juice. These delightful and juicy traditional candies are fat-free and proudly made in Canada. A beloved choice for fans of Old Fashioned Candy!
Cadbury Mr. Big 60g Original Bar
Cadbury Mr. B... $2.50
Introducing Mr. Big - the original candy bar from Cadbury, now in a convenient 60g size! Indulge in creamy milk chocolate, fluffy nougat, and crunchy peanuts. Just one bite of Mr. Big and you'll be craving for more! Go big or go home (with a delicious snack)!
Ruffles All Dressed Flavored Potato Chips 200g
Ruffles All D... $9.99
Indulge in the savory crunch of Ruffles All Dressed Flavored Potato Chips. With a unique blend of salty, sweet, and tangy flavors, these chips are perfect for any snacking occasion. Grab a bag and get ready to "dress" up your taste buds in a delicious and playful way! THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY
Caramilk Salted Caramel
Caramilk Salt... $2.50
Indulge in the sweet and salty goodness of Caramilk Salted Caramel. Made with creamy Caramilk chocolate and a touch of salt, this treat is the perfect balance of savory and sweet. Satisfy your cravings with every bite.
NESTLÉ® AERO® Milk Chocolate Bar, 42 g Canada
NESTLÉ® AERO®... $2.50
Aero® is a delightful chocolate bar crafted entirely from milk chocolate. What sets Aero® apart? As you indulge in each bite, the bubbly chocolate inside the velvety chocolate shell will effortlessly melt in your mouth, creating a truly special experience.
Hawkins Cheezies® 210g Canada
Hawkins Cheez... $9.88
Hawkins Cheezies is known for its pure goodness, featuring natural ingredients, authentic aged cheddar cheese, and a satisfying crispy texture. These qualities have established this Canadian classic as a popular everyday snack for households for more than 65 years.
Cadbury Crispy Crunch 115g Canada
Cadbury Crisp... $4.88
"Crispy Crunch" is a Cadbury chocolate bar from Canada, known for its crunchy peanut butter flake filling. The treat was created in 1930 by Harold Oswin, a William Neilson employee.
Maynards Wine Gums 315g Canada
Maynards Wine... $8.88
These delicious wine gums are chewy treats, resembling gumdrops but without the sugar coating. They are truly finer than wine. Resisting the delectable taste of MAYNARDS Wine Gums is nearly impossible.
Ruffles Sour Cream 'N Bacon
Ruffles Sour ... $8.99
Get ready for a flavor explosion with Ruffles Sour Cream 'N Bacon chips. Indulge in the irresistible combo of tangy sour cream and savory bacon (without the pesky frying). Your taste buds will thank you (and maybe even your stomach too). #SnackGoals
Lay's Dill Pickle flavored potato chips 235g
Lay's Dill Pi... $9.99
Satisfy your snack cravings with Lay's Dill Pickle flavored potato chips. These tangy, zesty chips pack a flavorful punch in every bite. Made with real potatoes and a unique blend of dill and pickle seasoning, they are perfect for any snacking occasion. Grab a bag and get your pickle fix now! THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY
Miss Vickie’s Spicy Dill Pickle flavor kettle cooked potato chips 200 GM
Miss Vickie’s... $11.99
Get a kick of flavor with Miss Vickie's Spicy Dill Pickle potato chips! Made with real dill and kettle cooked for an extra crunch, these chips pack a punch of heat and tanginess in every bite. Perfect for satisfying your snack cravings and adding a little spice to your day. Try a bag today (your taste buds will thank you)! THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY
COFFEE CRISP Double Double Wafer Bar 50 g
COFFEE CRISP ... $2.50
Get ready for a double dose of deliciousness with COFFEE CRISP Double Double Wafer Bar! This 50 g treat is packed with layers of crispy wafers and a double dose of creamy coffee filling. Satisfy your craving for a sweet and caffeinated snack all in one bite! THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY
COFFEE CRISP Share Size Wafer Bar 75 g
COFFEE CRISP ... $4.99
Get your share of deliciousness with COFFEE CRISP Share Size Wafer Bar! Indulge in layers of crispy wafer and creamy coffee flavored filling for a satisfying break anytime. Perfect for sharing (or not)! THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY
Hostess Hickory Sticks Original Flavor Potato Sticks 275g
Hostess Hicko... $9.99
Get your crunch on with Hostess Hickory Sticks! These original flavor potato sticks pack a punch with every bite. Perfect for snacking on the go or adding that extra zing to your lunch. Say goodbye to boring chips and hello to Hickory Sticks! (WARNING: Highly addictive!) THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY
Smarties $5.99
Satisfy your sweet tooth with Smarties! These delicious chocolate candies are sure to bring a smile to your face with every bite. With a playful and quirky tone, we promise to deliver a tasty treat that will keep you coming back for more. (And they're perfect for sharing, or not!) THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY
Ruffles Double Crunch Ketchup
Ruffles Doubl... $8.99
Ruffles Bar B Q Flamin' Hot
Ruffles Bar B... $8.99
Spice up your snack game with Ruffles Bar B Q Flamin' Hot chips. These tangy, fiery chips pack a punch and will have your taste buds dancing. (Warning: may cause addiction). Grab a bag and get ready to taste the heat!
Big Turk King Size Chocolate Bar 86 g
Big Turk King... $4.99
Indulge in the royally-sized Big Turk King Size Chocolate Bar! With a whopping 86 g of delicious chocolate, it's perfect for satisfying big cravings. The unique combination of Turkish delight and chocolate creates a melt-in-your-mouth experience fit for a king. Treat yourself today!

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