Fun Flips Cheesy Pizza
Fun Flips Che... $2.55
Get ready for a cheesy adventure with Fun Flips Cheesy Pizza! These corn puffs are not just fun flips, they're flavorful flips! Indulge in the perfect combo of corn and cheese that will make your taste buds do a happy dance. Snack time just got a lot more fun!
Rochak 5 piece
Rochak 5 piece $2.50
Get ready to treat your taste buds with Rochak 5 piece Indian Candy! Made with the finest ingredients, this Rochak Digestive Candy not only satisfies your sweet cravings, but also helps with digestion. Now that's a sweet deal!
Desi Popz Kaccha Aam
Desi Popz Kac... $1.50
Satisfy your cravings with Desi Popz Kaccha Aam, a unique and playful twist on the classic mango flavor. This desi-inspired treat will transport you to the streets of India, with its tangy and refreshing taste. Enjoy a taste of culture in every bite!
Khatori Big pack
Khatori Big pack $15.99
20 pouches of sweet and tangy mango tamarind candy. Perfect for satisfying cravings and bringing a burst of flavor to your day. Khatori Big, big flavor!
Kismi Toffee Candy - 20 pieces (approx.)
Kismi Toffee ... $3.99
Indulge in the tantalizing taste of Kismi Toffee Candy! This pack includes 20 pieces of delicious kismi toffee candy (approx.). Satisfy your cravings with this sweet treat.
Munch Full Box (35 Units)
Munch Full Bo... $38.88
Indulge in a box of 35 rich and creamy Munch chocolate bars. Satisfy your cravings with each bite, made from premium ingredients for an indulgent treat. Perfect for sharing or as a delicious snack on the go.
Kismi singles
Kismi singles $1.50
Indulge in a little sweetness with Kismi singles. Made with delicious toffee, these candies are the perfect pick-me-up for any occasion. Go ahead, treat yourself (and your tastebuds) to a little bit of joy!
Fun Flips Khatta Meetha
Fun Flips Kha... $2.25
These corn puffs pack a punch of sweet and sour flavor, making snacking a playful experience. Perfect for those who love to mix it up. (Warning: may cause uncontrollable cravings!) Grab a bag of Fun Flips Khatta Meetha now!
Oyes Talli Tamatar
Oyes Talli Ta... $2.25
Get ready for a flavor explosion with Oyes Talli Tamatar Delicious Puffs! These tomato flavored puffs are a mouth-watering treat that will satisfy your cravings. Perfect for snacking on the go or for a fun twist on movie night. Be warned, you may not want to share!
Lays Chili Lemon
Lays Chili Lemon $2.25
Spice up your snack game with Lays Chili Lemon chips! These crispy chips combine the zing of chili with the zesty tang of lemon for a flavor explosion in every bite. Perfect for those who like a little kick in their snacks. Grab a bag and get ready to experience a fiesta in your mouth!
Mad Angles Very Peri Peri
Mad Angles Ve... $2.49
Get mad with the unique shape and fiery flavor of Mad Angles Very Peri Peri. These Indian chips will add an unexpected kick to your snacking routine. Perfect for those who dare to be bold and crave a little bit of spice in their life. Try them now!
Sting Energy Drink
Sting Energy ... $4.99
"Get your buzz on with Sting Energy Drink! This popular pick-me-up will have you buzzing and ready to take on the day. Don't let your energy fizzle out, grab a Sting and keep the energy flowing!"
Bingo Mad Angles Achari Masti Corn Chips
Bingo Mad Ang... $1.99
Get your taste buds dancing with Bingo Mad Angles Achari Masti Corn Chips! These uniquely shaped chips from India are packed with the bold flavors of achari (spicy pickles) for a fun and flavorful snacking experience. Perfect for adding some masti (fun) to your day.
Pringles Fusion Chutney Flavour 102g
Pringles Fusi... $7.99
Satisfy your snack cravings with Pringles Fusion in Chutney flavor. With a unique blend of spices, this fusion will have your taste buds singing! Perfect for a movie night or on-the-go snacking. Try it in Pringle's new 102g tube. (P.S: It's addictive!)
Alpenliebe Caramel Stick
Alpenliebe Ca... $2.50
Experience a taste of the Alps with Alpenliebe Caramel! Indulge in the creamy smoothness of real caramel wrapped in a pocket-sized treat. Perfect for an on-the-go pick me up or a sweet treat after a long day. Alpenliebe Caramel - take a moment to treat yourself!
Manchali Imli... $3.50
Tamarind Cand... $2.50
Miss Imli 20 packs Tamarind Candy
Miss Imli 20 ... $5.99
The Miss Imli 20 pack is a fun and quirky purchase that will jazz up your kitchen! With 20 packs included, you'll have plenty of Imli at your fingertips for all your cooking and snacking needs. Get ready to add some playful flavor to your meals!
Munch Maha Crunch
Munch Maha Cr... $1.65
Get ready for a taste explosion with Munch Maha Crunch! This snack combines the satisfying crunch of Munch with the bold flavor of Maha. With every bite, you'll experience a symphony of textures and flavors that will leave you wanting more. Don't miss out on this mouthwatering treat!
Coconut Ladoo Candy
Coconut Ladoo... $4.99
Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delicious Coconut Ladoo candy. Made with real coconut, this traditional Indian treat is a burst of flavor in every bite. Indulge in a taste of India with our Coconut Ladoo!
Senor Pepito Tortilla Chips Tikka Masala (60g)
Senor Pepito ... $3.99
Indulge in the delectable Tikka Masala-flavored tortilla chips from Senor Pepito. · A tortilla chip is a classic snack created from corn tortillas and then fried
Munch Crunchilicious Cereal
Munch Crunchi... $1.99
Presenting the new Nestle Munch Crunchilicious cereal, featuring a delightful taste, crafted with three grains, and offering a fantastic crunch to energize your mornings! Ready, set, and enjoy a flavorful breakfast with Nestle Munch Crunchilicious cereal!
Cadbury Bournvita Biscuit 41.85g
Cadbury Bourn... $0.99
Bournvita Biscuits offer a delightful blend of flavor and nourishment, featuring the classic crunchy texture and chocolaty essence of Bournvita. Ideal for enjoying in the mornings alongside a glass of milk, they prepare you for a fantastic day ahead!
Peppy Cheese Balls 60g
Peppy Cheese ... $2.50
Cheese Balls are cheese puffs molded into a spherical shape, making them a popular choice for parties and gatherings. This delightful snack can be enjoyed at any moment, offering a perfect balance of ingredients and flavors to curb your appetite.
Lays Maxx Macho Chilli Flavour (37g)
Lays Maxx Mac... $1.99
Lay's Maxx, Macho Chilli chips are like the rockstars of snacks, with ridges, crunch, and flavors cranked up to the Maxx!
KurKure Solid Masti Masala Twisteez (74g) KurKure Solid Masti Masala Twisteez (74g)
KurKure Solid... $2.25
Indulge in the playful crunch of KurKure Solid Masti Masala Twisteez (74g)! Made with a bold blend of spices, these delicious twisteez will satisfy all your snacking cravings. With each bite, experience a burst of flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Get your snack on with these quirky and tasty twisteez!
Munch Strawberry Flavor
Munch Strawbe... $1.99
Indulge in the burst of juicy sweetness with our Munch Strawberry Flavor! Made with real strawberries, this treat is perfect for any snack time. Satisfy your cravings with every bite. (Strawberrylicious!)
Aamkut Churan 10 pouches
Aamkut Churan... $2.99
Revitalize your taste buds with Aamkut Churan, packaged perfectly into 10 convenient pouches. Enjoy the refreshing blend of Aamkut, a flavorful fruit, and Churan, a tangy spice. Perfect for on-the-go snacking and adding a burst of flavor to any dish.
Imli Masti Chatpati Goli Tamarind Candy
Imli Masti Ch... $1.50
Satisfy your cravings with Imli Masti's Chatpati Goli! This unique and flavorful treat offers a delicious blend of tamarind, spice, and sweetness. Perfect for snacking or adding an extra kick to your dishes. (Tasty twist to any dish!)
Center Fruit Cricket Ball Gum
Center Fruit ... $2.99
Score a home run with this Center Fruit Cricket Ball Gum! Bursting with fruity flavor, this gum will be a hit with any cricket fan. Keep your mouth fresh while you play your favorite sport. Go big or go home with this fun and playful gum!
Center Fruit Tennis Ball
Center Fruit ... $2.99
Serve up a sweet treat with Center Fruit Tennis Ball! Bursting with fruity flavors, this ball-shaped candy will keep your taste buds in the game. With its center filled with tasty goodness, each bite is an ace. Have a ball and satisfy your cravings at the same time!
Indian Candies Snack Box
Indian Candie... from $39.99
Unleash your taste buds with the Indian Snack Box! Packed with an array of delectable delights, this box offers a surprise twist on traditional Indian snacks. Satisfy your cravings and explore the unique flavors of India in one convenient package.

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