Meiji Chocorooms Japan - 1.34oz
Meiji Chocoro... $3.99
Chocorooms offer a delightful blend of chocolate richness and the satisfying crunch of a crisp cracker. Their distinctive, bite-sized mushroom shape makes them convenient for snacking, an ideal addition to yogurt or ice cream, or a charming decoration for your baking creations.
Koikeya - Strong Pizza Potato Chips 52g
Koikeya - Str... $4.99
Satisfy your cravings with Koikeya - Strong Pizza Potato Chips! With the perfect combination of savory pizza flavor and a satisfying crunch, these chips are the perfect snack for any occasion. Plus, at 52g, there's plenty to share (or not, we won't judge). Grab a bag and indulge in the deliciousness now!
Pureral Strawberry Gummy 58g
Pureral Straw... $4.48
Get ready for a burst of flavor with Pureral Strawberry Gummy 58g! These yummy gummies are made with real strawberry and are the perfect treat for satisfying your sweet tooth. Snack on these juicy gummies anytime for a taste that will make your taste buds sing!
Japan Candy Snack box
Japan Candy S... from $49.98 $69.99
This mystery Snack Box has all the Japanese snacks, our snack attack experts have curated this Snack Box carefully with the best treats and snacks from Japan. The box is loaded with Chips, Cookies, Candies, Drinks and Chocolates. Note: Product Image may vary from the actual product.
Lion Natadecoco Peach Gummy (44g) - Japan
Lion Natadeco... $4.49
Lion's Nata de Coco Peach Gummy is like a tropical party in your mouth! Bursting with chewy coconut goodness and sweet peachy vibes, these cute little cubes are a flavor explosion you won't want to miss!
Kanro Pure Premium Srawberry Gummy (54g) - Japan
Kanro Pure Pr... $4.99
Indulge in deliciously fruity Kanro Pure Premium Srawberry Gummy from Japan. Each bite-sized gummy is bursting with real strawberry flavor, making it the perfect sweet treat to satisfy your cravings. Don't miss out on this premium gummy experience!
Nobel - Super Cola Candy Japan 88g
Nobel - Super... $5.99
Get a taste of the Nobel - Super Cola Candy! Enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. This 88g pack is perfect for satisfying your cravings on-the-go. Add a little fizz to your day with this delicious treat!
Ribon Doumyoji Umeko Plum Candy Japan 60g
Ribon Doumyoj... $4.48
Indulge in the classic flavor of Ribon Doumyoji Umeko Plum Candy, crafted with genuine Japanese plums. This candy offers a delightful blend of sweet and tart notes, blending traditional flavors with contemporary ease. Each pack includes 60g of delightful, all-natural candy.
Furuta - Super Mario Chocolate 64g
Furuta - Supe... $5.50
Get your game on with Furuta's Super Mario Chocolate! This 64g pack is a must-have for any gamer looking for a tasty treat. With adorable Super Mario-themed packaging and delicious milk chocolate inside, this candy will have you saying "mamma mia!" in no time.
Fanta Golden Grape 500ml Japan
Fanta Golden ... $5.99
Refresh yourself with this bubbly bottle of Fanta Golden Grape from Japan. With its unique blend of grape flavor and golden bubbles, this 500ml drink is a must-try for any soda lover. Enjoy the taste of Japan in every sip.
Kanro Pure Grape Gummy (56g) - Japan
Kanro Pure Gr... $4.99
Sweet, sour, fresh, and refreshingly tasty! Dive into the delightful world of grape juice flavor packed in this chewy gummy treat!
Kabaya Strawberry Cake Gummy (40g) - Japan
Kabaya Strawb... $3.99
Set off on a tasty journey with Kabaya Gummy Strawberry Cake, a scrumptious treat straight from Japan. In every 40g pack, you'll discover a blend of juicy strawberry flavors, perfectly capturing the delicious essence of a just-baked strawberry cake.
Koikeya - Strong Sour Cream Onion Potato Chips
Koikeya - Str... $4.99
Get ready to pucker up with Koikeya's Strong Sour Cream Onion Potato Chips! These chips pack a flavorful punch with the perfect balance of tangy sour cream and savory onion. One bite and you'll be hooked!Â
Meiji - Kaju Watermelon Gummy 54g
Meiji - Kaju ... $4.99
Juicy, chewy, and delicious, Meiji Kaju Watermelon Gummy is the perfect snack for any occasion. Bursting with real watermelon flavor, these gummies will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. At just 54g, they're the perfect on-the-go treat. Get your sweet fix with Meiji today!
Meito Pukupuku Chocolate Cookie (20g) - Japan
Meito Pukupuk... $3.99
Indulge in this Japanese treat - Meito Pukupuku Chocolate Cookie (20g)! With a crunchy cookie exterior and a creamy chocolate filling, this snack is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Made in Japan for an authentic taste experience. Go ahead, give in to your cravings!
Meiji Apollo My Style Chocolate (41g) - japan
Meiji Apollo ... $5.99
Get your chocolate fix with Meiji Apollo My Style Chocolate (41g) from Japan! This quirky treat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and add a touch of fun to your day. Bite into rich chocolate that's out of this world!
Senjaku Zeitaku Melon Gummy (34g) - Japan
Senjaku Zeita... $4.49
Crafted with Crown Melon from the picturesque Shizuoka prefecture. Delight in the delightful duet of gummy and jelly center textures.
Uha Ninja Meshi Cola Gummy (50g) - Japan
Uha Ninja Mes... $3.49
Shaped like a ninja's eye mask, this thin and durable gummy candy boasts a refreshing energy drink flavor. Plus, it comes in a resealable pack, making it convenient to carry with you on your travels.
Meiji Pistachio Chocolate (35g) - Japan
Meiji Pistach... $7.99
Satisfy your sweet tooth with a unique twist of Japan in Meiji's Pistachio Chocolate! Crunch on whole pistachios surrounded by smooth milk chocolate. Perfect for an on-the-go snack or a sweet pick-me-up. (Pistachios and Japan? A match made in heaven!)
Meiji - Kinokonoyama Mushroom Chocolate (74g) - Japan
Meiji - Kinok... $8.99
Indulge in a playful treat with Meiji's Kinokonoyama Mushroom Chocolate from Japan. This 74g chocolate bar features a unique blend of mushroom and chocolate, providing a quirky and delicious flavor experience. Perfect for those who enjoy trying new and unusual flavors.
Meiji - Big Poifull Drink Mix Candy 80g
Meiji - Big P... $4.99
Indulge in a playful treat with Meiji's Big Poifull Drink Mix Candy! Satisfy your cravings with this 80g pack of refreshing drink-inspired candy. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or as a quirky addition to your candy stash. (Warning: may cause candy-induced happiness!)
Pure Premium Grapefruit Sparkling Gummy 54g
Pure Premium ... $4.98
Get ready for a burst of flavor with our Pure Premium Grapefruit Sparkling Gummy! Made with real grapefruit juice, these gummies are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy the deliciously fizzy sensation in every bite. Go ahead, treat yourself!
Kabaya Pureral Apple Gummy Japan (58 g)
Kabaya Purera... $3.98
Get a taste of Japan with Kabaya's Pureral Apple Gummy. Bursting with juicy apple flavor and made in Japan, these gummies are a fruity treat you won't want to miss. (No seriously, don't miss it, it's amazing!)
Kasugai Peach cream Frappe Candy (80g) - Japan Kasugai Peach cream Frappe Candy (80g) - Japan
Kasugai Peach... $5.99
Indulge in the sweet and creamy taste of Japan with Kasugai Peach Cream Frappe Candy! Made with real peaches, this 80g pack will transport your taste buds to a fruity paradise. Perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings on the go. (Peachy keen, Japan-approved indulgence!)
Meiji - Cola Up Gummy 100g
Meiji - Cola ... $6.99 $7.98
Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with Meiji - Cola Up Gummy! These gummies pack a punch of cola flavor and a chewy texture that will leave your tastebuds jumping with joy. Each pack contains 100g of deliciousness. (Sugar rush included! 🍭)
Kit Kat Mini Matcha Latte Japanese
Kit Kat Mini ... $9.50
Indulge in the ultimate Japanese treat with Kit Kat Mini Matcha Latte. Each mini wafer is infused with rich, creamy matcha latte flavor, providing a unique and delicious twist on the classic Kit Kat. Perfect for a playful snack break or as a sweet and quirky gift for any chocolate lover.
Kasugai tsubu Premium Rich Kiwi Gummy (75 g)
Kasugai tsubu... $4.99
Experience tangy-sweet perfection with Kasugai tsubu Premium Rich Kiwi Gummy! These juicy kiwi gummies are packed with premium quality and flavor, delivering a deliciously rich taste in every bite. Don't just satisfy your taste buds, elevate them with these irresistible gummies!
KitKat Milk Tea Japan (81g) KitKat Milk Tea Japan (81g)
KitKat Milk T... $9.99
Indulge in a unique combination of Japanese milk tea and crunchy wafer with KitKat Milk Tea Japan (81g). This playful twist on the classic KitKat bar will satisfy your sweet tooth and transport you to the streets of Japan. No need to travel, just take a break and enjoy!
Tsubu Gummy Premium Rich Grape Gummy 75 g
Tsubu Gummy P... $4.98
Indulge in the juicy and chewy goodness of Tsubu Gummy Premium Rich Grape Gummy. Each bite is bursting with the sweet and refreshing flavor of grapes, making it the perfect treat for any grape lover. Satisfy your cravings with this 75 g pack of deliciousness.
Uha Sakeru Gummy Grape (42g) - Japan Uha Sakeru Gummy Grape (42g) - Japan
Uha Sakeru Gu... $3.99 $5.98
UHA Sakeru Gummy Grape is a chewy snack made from authentic grape juice. Each 42g pack contains individually-wrapped gummies, providing a delightful and fulfilling snack. Perfect for snacking between meals or as a post-dinner treat. Originating from Japan.
Meiji Pucca Chocolate (39g) - Japan Meiji Pucca Chocolate (39g) - Japan
Meiji Pucca C... $4.99
Treat yourself to the delightful Pucca cookies! These crunchy biscuits are filled with smooth milk chocolate, creating a truly indulgent snack. With a lightly salted pretzel coating and a rich chocolate cream center, each set contains four packs filled with fish, squid, and clam shaped cookies. For a warm and comforting treat on cold winter days, you can quickly heat up these octopus and fish shaped cookies in the microwave. Experience their unique shapes and delicious flavors!
Kabaya Sakusaku panda Cookies Chocolate (47g) - Japan
Kabaya Sakusa... $5.49
These adorable panda chocolate biscuits are undeniably cute, with crispy and flavorful bite-sized biscuit bases covered in thick layers of both milk and dark chocolate to form the most delightful panda face treats you've ever laid eyes on.
Meiji kinokonoyama Mushroom Strawberry Chocolate (64g) - Japan
Meiji kinokon... $7.99
Delicious and ideal for fulfilling sweet cravings, these strawberry chocolate biscuits are irresistible for daily snacking! Each biscuit showcases an adorable mushroom-shaped design with a delightful strawberry chocolate base. The finishing touch is the luscious milk chocolate coating on top. Elevate your ice cream with these Kinoko no Yama (mushroom mountain) biscuits as delightful toppings.
Bourbon - Stump Shaped Biscuit 60g
Bourbon - Stu... $4.99
Satisfy your cravings with Bourbon's unique Stump Shaped Biscuits! Made with delicious Bourbon flavor, these 60g treats are perfect for a quick snack or to share with friends. Feel the crunch and enjoy a tasty twist on traditional biscuits.
Puccho Ball White Soda Candy 46 g
Puccho Ball W... $4.98
Indulge in a burst of flavor with Puccho Ball White Soda Candy! These 46 g candies pack a punch of sweet and sour taste, making each bite a delightful surprise. Perfect for satisfying cravings and livening up any day. Go ahead, pop one in and experience the fun!
Shuwao! Soda Soft Candy 30g
Shuwao! Soda ... $4.98
Get your taste buds ready for a burst of fun with Shuwao! Soda Soft Candy! These 30g candies are the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. Infused with a fizzy soda flavor, they'll have you saying "Shuwao!" with each bite. Enjoy the playful and quirky flavors of this unique candy.