Kitkat Mini Strawberry Cake Chocolate 10pcs
Kitkat Mini S... $9.98
Introducing the playful and flavorful Kitkat Mini Strawberry Cake Chocolate from Japan! With 10 delicious pieces, you'll enjoy the unique combination of sweet strawberry and rich chocolate flavors. Perfect for snacking or as a sweet treat, indulge in this quirky twist on the classic Kitkat.
Kitkat Caramel Coated Wafer Chocolate
Kitkat Carame... $6.58
Indulge in a delightful break with our Kitkat Caramel Chocolate Coated Wafer. Enjoy the perfect combination of crispy wafer and creamy caramel covered in rich chocolate. Perfect for any time of day, this treat will have you saying "just one more!"
Kitkat Sanrio Characters Japan Limited Edition
Kitkat Sanrio... $9.98
Get your hands on this limited edition Kitkat featuring your favorite Sanrio characters! With a playful twist on the classic snack, this special edition will make snacking even more fun. Don't miss out on this quirky and exclusive treat from Japan!
Kitkat White King Size (85g)
Kitkat White ... $6.99
Indulge in a royally big break with Kitkat White King Size! 85g of crispy wafer fingers coated in creamy white chocolate, this treat will have you feeling like a true monarch of snacking. (No crown necessary!)
Kitkat Birthday Cake King Size (85g)
Kitkat Birthd... $6.99
Indulge in a party on your taste buds with our Kitkat Birthday Cake King Size! This chocolate bar boasts a unique birthday cake flavor that will have you celebrating with every bite. With a generous size of 85g, it's perfect for sharing (or keeping all to yourself). Happy snacking!
KitKat Mini Otonano Amasa Match Chocolate Japan (124 g)
KitKat Mini O... $9.99
Take a break with KitKat Mini Otonano Amasa Match Chocolate from Japan! Enjoy the playful combination of sweet and matcha flavors. Perfect for indulging in a bit of Japanese culture without leaving your home. (Limited supply, so grab one ASAP!)
KitKat Mini Otonano Amasa Strawberry Chocolate Japan (124 g)
KitKat Mini O... $9.99
Indulge in the playful sweetness of KitKat Mini Otonano Amasa Strawberry Chocolate from Japan. These mini-sized KitKats feature a deliciously creamy strawberry chocolate flavor that's perfect for adults and kids alike. Experience a taste of Japan with every bite!
KitKat Vegan
KitKat Vegan $6.99
Indulge in a playful twist on a classic with KitKat Vegan. This chocolaty treat is perfect for those who don't take themselves too seriously. Enjoy the same delicious KitKat flavor with the added bonus of being vegan. No need to sacrifice taste for your dietary preferences.
Kit Kat Chocolate Frosted Donut King Size (85g)
Kit Kat Choco... $6.99
Satisfy your sweet tooth with a king-sized twist on the classic Kit Kat - now in chocolate frosted donut flavor! These 85g bars are perfect for indulging yourself or sharing with friends.(Hungry for a donut? We've got you covered with this tasty chocolate treat!)
KitKat Milk Tea Japan (81g) KitKat Milk Tea Japan (81g)
KitKat Milk T... $9.99
Indulge in a unique combination of Japanese milk tea and crunchy wafer with KitKat Milk Tea Japan (81g). This playful twist on the classic KitKat bar will satisfy your sweet tooth and transport you to the streets of Japan. No need to travel, just take a break and enjoy!
KitKat Christmas Edition
KitKat Christ... $2.50
Indulge in some festive fun with KitKat Christmas Edition! This limited edition version of the classic candy bar features a jolly red and green design and is perfect for spreading holiday cheer. Grab one (or ten) to share with friends and family, or keep them all to yourself (we won't judge). Have a break, have a KitKat Christmas Edition!
KitKat Bites Thailand
KitKat Bites ... $4.50
Introducing KitKat Bites Thailand - the ultimate combination of crispy wafer and smooth chocolate. Enjoy these bite-sized treats for a playful and delicious snack anytime, anywhere. Get ready for a taste that will make your taste buds do the tuk-tuk dance!
KitKat Cookies & Cream Thailand
KitKat Cookie... $4.50
This limited edition KitKat bar from Thailand features a delicious cookies and cream flavor. Indulge in the creamy goodness and satisfy your sweet tooth with every bite. Perfect for a playful snack or as a unique gift for any KitKat lover!
KitKat Butterscotch Flavour
KitKat Butter... $4.50
Indulge in a break with KitKat's Butterscotch Flavour. Satisfy your cravings with every bite of this unique twist on a classic treat. Rich butterscotch flavor combined with the crunch of a KitKat bar will have you coming back for more. Break me off a piece of that deliciousness!
Hershey KitKat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate Bar
Hershey KitKa... $3.99
Indulge in a delightful combo of refreshing mint and rich dark chocolate with the Hershey KitKat Duos. Each bite is a playful blend of flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Perfect for a pick-me-up or a tasty treat!
Hersheys KitKat White
Hersheys KitK... $3.99
Get ready for a break like no other with Hersheys KitKat White. Indulge in the creamy white chocolate coating, perfectly balancing the classic crispy wafer. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this playful twist on a beloved treat. Happiness is just one KitKat White away!
Kitkat Birthday Cake White Creme
Kitkat Birthd... $3.99
Indulge in the sweet celebration of Kitkat Birthday Cake White Creme. With its unique white creme filling, this limited edition treat is perfect for any special occasion. Take a break and enjoy the delicious birthday cake flavor in every bite. Happy birthday to your taste buds!
KitKat Real Green Tea Leaves Thailand
KitKat Real G... $2.50
Take a break and try KitKat Real Green Tea Leaves Thailand! Made with real green tea leaves from Thailand, this KitKat has a unique and refreshing flavor. Perfect for a playful snack or as a gift for the quirky person in your life. Break me off a piece!
Kit Kat India 3 Fingers Chocolate India
Kit Kat India... $1.99
I recently contacted Nestle India consumer care and inquired about the same question. Their response was that "Kitkat tastes different in India because it aligns with the preferences of Indian consumers. While foreign consumers prefer a different taste."
Kit Kat White Creme Chocolate
Kit Kat White... $3.99
Add a touch of fun to your break with our KitKatยฎ White Chocolate 4 Finger bar. Indulge in our classic crispy wafer, covered in smooth white chocolate. Take a moment to savor the sweeter moments by tearing, breaking, snapping, and enjoying.
Kitkat Chunky Drumstick Chocolate
Kitkat Chunky... $3.99
Indulge in a crunchy twist with Kitkat Chunky Drumstick Chocolate! This unique treat combines the classic Kitkat crunch with a creamy Drumstick center, creating a deliciously playful flavor experience. Perfect for any chocolate lover looking for a tasty and fun snack.
KitKat Lemon Crisp (238g) KitKat Lemon Crisp (238g)
KitKat Lemon ... $15.99
Spring is the perfect time to take a break and indulge. Embrace the Easter and spring vibes by stocking up on KIT KAT Easter Lemon Crisp Miniatures. These delightful, lemon-flavored white creme-coated crispy wafers are individually wrapped and guaranteed to bring joy to your baskets, candy trays, and pantry.
KitKat Chocolaty Strawberry Flavour Japan (116g)
KitKat Chocol... $9.99
Indulge in a playful twist with KitKat Chocolaty Strawberry Flavour Japan. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a unique blend of chocolate and strawberry, crafted in Japan. With a burst of fruity flavor in every bite, this 116g treat will make your taste buds dance. Break me off a piece, Japan-style!
KitKat Salted Caramel Cookies Thailand
KitKat Salted... $4.50
Introducing KitKat Salted Caramel Cookies from Thailand, with a surprising salty-sweet twist. This delicious combination will have your taste buds dancing with joy (and possibly confusion). A must-try for adventurous snackers on the lookout for a new taste sensation.
KitKat Mini Melon Flavour KitKat Mini Melon Flavour
KitKat Mini M... $9.99
10 mini kit kat in one pack.
KitKat Mini Cheesecake Flavour
KitKat Mini C... $11.99
Indulge in delicious layers of creamy cheesecake flavor and crispy KitKat wafer with our KitKat Mini Cheesecake Flavour. Perfect for those who want a playful twist on a classic snack. Sweet, tangy, and satisfying - this treat is a joy for your taste buds!
KitKat Mini Peach Flavour
KitKat Mini P... $9.50
Indulge in the quirky and playful taste of KitKat Mini Peach Flavour! Sweet, juicy peach flavor is infused into every bite-sized KitKat, making for a fun and tasty treat. Perfect for a quick break or a sweet snack, KitKat Mini Peach Flavour will leave your taste buds wanting more. (Peachy keen, right?)