Buy Double Bubble Gum In Canada

Buy Double Bubble Gum In Canada

Dubble Bubble is one of the most iconic and popular brands of bubblegum. It has been known for its signature sweet flavor since it was first created in 1928. This classic bubblegum is recognizable by its bright pink color and nearly 9-inch length by 3/4-inch diameter size.

The large Dubble Bubble gum bar delivers a sweet taste and satisfyingly chewy texture. The defined cut marks along the bar make sharing the sizable gum with others quick and easy. With its wheat-based formula, this gum is gluten-free and ideal for those with dietary restrictions. Of course, the delightfully sweet and chewy experience of blowing bubbles makes this a beloved gum across all ages.

Where can you buy Dubble Bubble in Canada?

In Canada, Snack Attack proudly supplies this iconic bubblegum brand and other classic candies at affordable prices. We focus on carrying beloved sweet and salty snacks from top brands to boutique finds that cater to all tastes. Our stores are one-stop shops to grab your favorites while discovering new tantalizing treats as well.

Dubble Bubble has maintained popularity over decades thanks to several appealing features:

  • Sweet Taste: Dubble Bubble bubblegum is renowned for its deliciously sweet flavor that satisfies cravings for something sugary and fun.
  • Chewy Texture: This sizable gum bar provides long-lasting soft chewiness while you enjoy the sweet taste.
  • Gluten-Free: Dubble Bubble contains no gluten ingredients, making it an accommodating treat for many dietary needs.
  • Easy to Share: The full bar is scored into sections, allowing tidy sharing or saving some for later.

Buy Dubble Bubble in Canada

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