Cherry Freeze Prime Where To Buy

Cherry Freeze Prime Where To Buy

Prime Hydration recently announced their latest flavor - Cherry Freeze - a refreshing cherry slushie drink that changes colors when cold. While it will be launching in Walmart stores across the country soon, we at Snack Attack have partnered with Prime to be the ONLY store in Canada carrying this hot new beverage!

Color-Changing Refreshment: This vibrant red drink not only tastes delicious with its sweet cherry flavor, but it contains a special color-changing label. When you put a Cherry Freeze in the cooler, the white and red label transforms into an eye-catching blue and red. This makes Cherry Freeze the perfect treat to serve chilled at your next party or to sip on a hot summer day.

Buy Cherry Freeze Prime In Canada

Exclusively at Your Favorite Snack Shop While Walmart will carry Cherry Freeze in the US, we’ve arranged to be the sole provider of this sought-after drink in Canada. You won’t find it on any shelves or in any coolers across the Great White North except at Snack Attack!

As early as next week, drop by your local Snack Attack to get first dibs on Cherry Freeze. Once word gets out about this color-changing, cherry-licious Prime release, we expect supplies to go quickly so hurry in to Buy Exclusive Cherry Freeze from Snack Attack!

Buy Cherry Freeze Limited Edition in Vancouver

The Refreshing Drink of the Summer Stay cool and quench your thirst with our exclusive Prime Cherry Freeze this summer. This sweet cherry slushie will turn heads at any party with its color-changing label when icy cold. Buy Your Color-Changing Cherry Freeze only at Snack Attack while supplies last!

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