Where To Buy TPB chips in Canada

Where To Buy TPB chips in Canada

What are TPB chips?

TPB chips are inspired by the beloved Canadian mockumentary comedy series Trailer Park Boys. From the cult classic show comes Trailer Park Boys Dill Pickle potato chips - a tongue-in-cheek snack for fans. These crunchy chips come bursting with gigantic dill pickle flavor for a bold, tangy taste.

Trailer Park Boys Dill Pickle chips start with premium quality potatoes for a sturdy base. Then they get generously coated from edge to edge in pickle-packed seasoning. As you bite into the rippled chips, your mouth fills with the giant taste of sour dill pickles, zesty spices, and lots of salty crispiness.

Buy TPB chips in Canada?

Want to try something new and exciting with unique flavors? Then Trailer Park Boys Dill Pickle chips are mouthwateringly good and delicious chips. In Canada, there are many stores but Snack Attack is the best. You can buy this tasty product from Snack Attack at great, affordable prices to satisfy your cravings.

Fans will keep reaching for more chips thanks to winning features like:

  • Unique Dill Pickle Twist - Far from just salt and vinegar, a vibrant flaky dill and garlic seasoning amps up the classic pickle taste.
  • Tangy and Flavorful - Each chip packs a mouthwateringly tangy, garlicky pickle punch with spicy undertones.
  • Premium Potatoes - Only the best potatoes get selected to hold up to the aggressively big seasoning.
  • Clean Label - You can comfortably snack knowing there are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • Gluten-Free - The chips get cooked in pure sunflower oil so snackers with gluten sensitivity can enjoy this zesty bite.

Buy Trailer Park Boys Dill Pickle chips in Vancouver?

In Canada, Snack Attack supplies this funky Trailer Park Boys snack innovation and other products inspired by pop culture. We love seeking out the unique flavor experiences that superfans will appreciate. Our stores offer new, limited-edition chips as well as all the classics.Can't make it in? Shop Trailer Park Boys Dill Pickle chips and more fan faves via our online shop for delivery across Canada. We supply the latest tasty treats at awesome prices. Add these tangy crunchy chips to your next order for just $4.99 per bag!
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