Poppins $0.99 $2.00
Poppins - the sweetest way to pop your tastebuds! Indulge in these fruity candies for an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or as a fun treat to share with friends. No spoonful of sugar needed for this delightful snack.
Magic Pop Popping Candy - Cola Flavor
Magic Pop Pop... $0.99 $1.50
Introducing Magic Pops - the perfect snack for soda lovers! Enjoy the refreshing and nostalgic taste of cola in a unique, poppable form that will add magic to your snacking experience. Get your hands on a bag of Magic Pops - Cola Flavor today!
Magic Pop Popping Candy - Strawberry Flavor
Magic Pop Pop... $0.99 $1.49
Indulge in the enchanting deliciousness of our Magic Pops - Strawberry Flavor. These delightful treats will make your taste buds dance and keep you popping all day long. With their burst of strawberry flavor and magical charm, you won't be able to resist these irresistible snacks!
Kurkure Naughty Tomato (70)g
Kurkure Naugh... $1.48 $2.25
Get naughty with Kurkure's Naughty Tomato flavor! These indian chips will add a burst of tangy tomato to your snacking experience. Perfect for a playful and flavorful treat. (Kurkure, 70g)
Munch Strawberry Flavor Best before passed
Munch Strawbe... $1.49
Indulge in the burst of juicy sweetness with our Munch Strawberry Flavor! Made with real strawberries, this treat is perfect for any snack time. Satisfy your cravings with every bite. (Strawberrylicious!)
Munch Crunchilicious Cereal
Munch Crunchi... $1.99 $4.99
Presenting the new Nestle Munch Crunchilicious cereal, featuring a delightful taste, crafted with three grains, and offering a fantastic crunch to energize your mornings! Ready, set, and enjoy a flavorful breakfast with Nestle Munch Crunchilicious cereal!
Bar One Caramel Chocolate India Best Before Date Passed
Bar One Caram... $2.25 $4.50
Bar One, a renowned chocolate bar, was created and produced by Nestlé in South Africa. This delectable treat, available in South Africa and India, is reminiscent of the British Mars Bars. It features a layer of malted nougat topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate.
Peelable Gummy Candy Cola Flavor
Peelable Gumm... $2.48 $4.98
Unlock a daring taste sensation with our Tiktok viral Peelable Gummy Candy! Each bite of our peelable cola flavored candy will have you feeling like a risk-taker. Embrace the excitement and try our single unit, no box packaging today!
Peelable Gummy Candy Strawberry Flavor
Peelable Gumm... $2.48 $3.98
"Peel away the deliciousness with our Peelable Gummy Candy in Strawberry Flavor! Indulge in the playful fun of peeling off each gummy strip for a unique snacking experience. Sweet, tangy, and oh-so-satisfying, these gummies are a must-try for any candy lover!"
Peelable Gummy Candy Grape Flavor
Peelable Gumm... $2.48 $3.98
Peel away the boring with our Peelable Gummy Candy in Grape Flavor! Enjoy the delicious taste of grape while having fun with our unique peelable feature. Perfect for parties, movie nights, or any time you need a playful treat. (No grapes harmed in the making of this candy!)
Rap Snack Oowee Lemonade Fruit Punch Best before passed
Rap Snack Oow... $2.98 $4.99
Get your taste buds grooving with Rap Nack Oowee Lemonade Fruit Punch! This refreshing drink packs a punch of fruity flavors and a hint of lemonade for a unique and delicious experience. Perfect for a summer BBQ, pool day, or just a chill hangout. Oowee!
Krazy kritters apple gator
Krazy kritter... $3.48 $5.98
Unleash some wild fun with Krazy Kritters Apple Gator! This quirky creature is a perfect blend of sweet apples and sassy alligators. Let the flavors of fruit and swamp collide in your mouth. No need to take yourself too seriously, just enjoy the krazy ride!
Hotlix Margarita Sucker Single Unit
Hotlix Margar... $3.88 $5.98
Indulge in a unique twist on the classic margarita with Hotlix Margarita Sucker with Salt. This playful treat combines the sweetness of a sucker with a hint of salt for a burst of flavor. Perfect for any occasion, these suckers are a fun and delicious way to enjoy a margarita without the hassle. Cheers!
Prime Cherry Freeze Canada | Cherry Freeze Prime Vancouver
Prime Cherry ... $3.98 $8.98
Get ready to freeze in delicious cherry flavor with Prime Cherry Freeze Canada and Cherry Freeze Prime Vancouver! Perfect for hot summer days, this refreshing frozen treat will satisfy your cravings and cool you down. With the prime cherry flavor, you'll never want to go back to regular freeze pops. Grab yours now!
Prime Hydration Glowberry USA
Prime Hydrati... $3.98 $9.98
Forget boring, basic hydration. Get ready for a burst of energy with Prime Hydration Glowberry Glow in the Dark! Our unique formula pairs hydrating benefits with an illuminating glow for a drink that's more than just a thirst-quencher. It's a party in your mouth (and in the dark)!
Butter Soda (355ml)
Butter Soda (... $3.98 $6.98
Churned sweet cream flavor is combined with a sweet, tangy touch of citric acid to create a harmonious, buttery taste.The unique soda's bubbly, rich flavor elicits amusing reactions, so be sure to have your popcorn ready to enjoy people trying it for the first time!
Grass Soda (355ml)
Grass Soda (3... $3.98 $5.98
That's right, this is grass soda. Unlike, the Dirt Soda, this one tastes a bit limey and finishes bad. Again, its like eating the wrong jelly bean in a Bean Boozled box.
Pocky Tasty Butter & Milk Best Before Passed
Pocky Tasty B... $3.98
Get ready for a tongue-tickling treat with Pocky Tasty Butter & Milk! With the perfect balance of buttery richness and creamy milk flavor, these sweet and crunchy biscuit sticks are a delightful snack to satisfy any craving. Get your snack game on point with Pocky Tasty Butter & Milk!
Maoam Strips Peg Bag 140g
Maoam Strips ... $4.50 $8.87
Satisfy your taste buds with Maoam Strips Peg Bag 140g. These delicious gummy strips are sure to be a hit with their chewy texture and variety of flavors. Perfect for snacking on the go or sharing with friends. Treat yourself with Maoam Strips Peg Bag 140g.
Jelly Belly Couple Edition
Jelly Belly C... $7.98 $14.99
Tostitos Xtra Flaming Hot Chips Mexico
Tostitos Xtra... $8.99 $11.98
Experience the Intense Heat of Tostitos Xtra Flamin' Hot! These Mexican-Made Chips are the Perfect Balance of Heat & Flavor, Offering an Exotic Snack That's Sure to Make Your Taste Buds Tingle! Try Them Today & Put Your Taste Buds to the Test!
Kitkat Sanrio Characters Japan Limited Edition
Kitkat Sanrio... $9.98 $19.98
Get your hands on this limited edition Kitkat featuring your favorite Sanrio characters! With a playful twist on the classic snack, this special edition will make snacking even more fun. Don't miss out on this quirky and exclusive treat from Japan!
Kelloggs Froot Loops Jumbo Snax Cereal (153g)
Kelloggs Froo... $9.98 $16.98
Satisfy your craving for a fruity and crunchy snack with Kelloggs Froot Loops Jumbo Snax Cereal. Made by Kelloggs, this jumbo-sized cereal is filled with the classic froot loops flavor that will transport your taste buds to a world of fun and deliciousness. Perfect for snacking on the go or anytime of the day!
Center Fresh Jar - 150-200 pcs
Center Fresh ... $11.98 $19.98
Get 150-200 fresh pieces of Center gum in a handy jar! Keep your breath fresh with this playful jar of Center Fresh gum. Perfect for on-the-go use with a quirky and nonchalant attitude.
Boomer Watermelon Jelly Jar 150 - 200 pcs
Boomer Waterm... $12.98 $19.98
Get up and jam with the Boomer Jelly Jar! With a capacity of 150 - 200 pieces, this jar is perfect for storing all your favorite jellies. Boomer pack a punch with its sturdy yet colorful design. Perfect for all ages!
12 Pack Coca Cola Spiced
12 Pack Coca ... $14.98 $24.98
Spice up your life with Coca Cola Spiced! This 12-pack of Coke features a unique blend of spices that add a kick to your favorite refreshing drink. Perfect for parties, gatherings, or just a night in with friends. Cheers to a delicious twist on a classic!
Mtn Dew Spark 12pc Mtn Dew Spark 12pc
Mtn Dew Spark... $17.98 $24.98
Get ready to spark things up with Mtn Dew Spark 12pc! This refreshing soda is perfect for all your adventures, with its bold flavor and 12 cans in one pack. Enjoy the excitement and energy of Mtn Dew Spark wherever you go (just don't forget to pack some jorts).
Pepsi Wild Cherry 12 pack
Pepsi Wild Ch... $19.98 $34.98
Discover the Thrilling Burst of Flavor in Wild Cherry Pepsi.Indulge in the unique and satisfying taste of Wild Cherry Pepsi. With a crisp, sweet flavor and a thrilling burst of cherry, this beverage is sure to deliver a wild and exciting experience.
12 pack Squirt Ruby Red Citrus and Berry Soda
12 pack Squir... $19.98 $24.98
Quench your thirst with a twist of Squirt Ruby Red Citrus and Berry Soda! This 12 pack offers a refreshing blend of tangy citrus and sweet berry flavors. Enjoy the unique taste of Squirt with a Ruby Red twist. Perfect for parties, picnics, or just a casual day at home.
Starter Snack Bag
Starter Snack... from $24.98 $49.99
This mystery Snack bag has all the Exotic snacks, our snack attack experts have curated this Snack bag carefully with the best treats and snacks from All over the world. The box is loaded with Chips, Drinks, Candies, and Chocolates. Note: Product Image may vary from the actual product
12 Bottles Coca Cola Vanilla 591ml
12 Bottles Co... $54.98 $69.88
Indulge in the refreshing and unique taste of Coca Cola Vanilla with our 12-bottle pack. Each 591ml bottle is bursting with the classic Coke flavor and a dash of smooth vanilla. Perfect for quenching your thirst and satisfying your craving for a delicious twist on a beloved beverage. Cheers!
Prime LA Dodgers Limited Edition 12 pack
Prime LA Dodg... $90.00 $138.00
Cheer on your favorite team in style with this limited edition 12 pack of prime LA Dodgers merchandise! Perfect for tailgates, game days, or just showing off your team spirit, this pack includes everything you need to support the Dodgers: hats, shirts, and more. Go Dodgers!