Lays Magic Masala
Lays Magic Ma... $2.25
Masala Magic Lay's chips are crafted using high-quality fresh potatoes sourced from India. They are thinly sliced, cooked in edible vegetable oils, and then delicately seasoned with mouthwatering flavors!
Van Holten's  Jumbo Tapatio Pickle
Van Holten's ... $3.50
Introducing Van Holten's Jumbo Tapatio Pickle - a spicy twist on the classic pickled treat! Packed with the fiery flavor of Tapatio hot sauce, this jumbo pickle is perfect for snacking on-the-go or adding some zing to your favorite dishes. Get ready to kick your taste buds into high gear with this unique and flavorful treat!
Oreo Cakesters Box 5 Packs 285g
Oreo Cakester... $19.99
Get ready for a blast of deliciousness with our Oreo Cakesters Box! These scrumptious treats are like Oreos but in cake form, making them perfect for snacking or satisfying your sweet tooth. Grab a box today and indulge in the ultimate treat!
Spontaneous Combustion Ghost Pepper Popcorn
Spontaneous C... $6.98 $7.98
This is the finest gourmet ghost pepper popcorn available in the market currently, and likely the ultimate spicy popcorn you'll ever taste!
Van Holtens Hot Mama Pickle in a Pouch
Van Holtens H... $5.25
Van Holten's Hot Mama pickle is anything but ordinary; she's bold, adventurous, and delightfully spicy. Made with a flawless blend of heat and flavor, this tangy pickle will ignite your taste buds with each satisfying crunch.
Crujitos Queso y Chile Mexican Chips
Crujitos Ques... $7.50
Spice up your snacking routine with Crujitos Queso y Chile Mexican Chips. These flavorful chips combine the perfect balance of savory queso and zesty chile for a taste bud explosion. Grab a bag (or two) and prepare for a fiesta in your mouth! ¡Buen provecho!
Tostitos Xtra Flaming Hot Chips Mexico
Tostitos Xtra... $8.99 $11.98
Experience the Intense Heat of Tostitos Xtra Flamin' Hot! These Mexican-Made Chips are the Perfect Balance of Heat & Flavor, Offering an Exotic Snack That's Sure to Make Your Taste Buds Tingle! Try Them Today & Put Your Taste Buds to the Test!
Sun Garlic Baguette
Sun Garlic Ba... $7.50
Imported from Korea, Sun Chips' Garlic Baguette chips are irresistible! This flavor delivers a powerful taste reminiscent of freshly baked garlic bread, offering a rich and savory experience all in one bite.
Cheetos Xtra Flamin' Hot Mexico
Cheetos Xtra ... $8.99
Add an extra kick of fiery spice to your snacking routine with crispy, cheesy snacks. Take your snacking game to the next level with CHEETOS® Crunchy XXTRA FLAMIN’ HOT® Cheese Flavored Snacks.
Kurkure Masala Munch
Kurkure Masal... $1.99
Indulge in a crispy and flavorful experience with Kurkure Original. With the unique blend of Kurkure Masala Munch, this snack will sure to satisfy your taste buds. No wonder it's a crowd favorite!
Van Holtens Hot Pickle
Van Holtens H... $3.50
Get ready to spice up your snack game with Van Holtens Hot Pickle in a Pouch Large! These large hot pickles pack a punch of flavor that will leave your taste buds tingling. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or adding a kick to your meals. Don't let the size fool you, they're still portable enough to take with you wherever you go!
Takis Blue Heat Mexico 280.7g
Takis Blue He... $9.99
Spice up your snacking routine with these zesty tortilla chips infused with a hint of lime for an added kick. Enhance your snacking experience with these flavorful treats. Indulge in this delightful Mexican candy that captures the essence of Mexico's unique flavors in a jelly-like sweet.
Churrumais Flamas
Churrumais Fl... $7.99
Ingredients: Enriched Corn Flour (Corn Flour, Ferrous Sulfate, Niacin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Vegetable Oil (May Contain Corn, Soybean, Sunflower, or Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil), Salt, Arbol Chile Peppers, Guajillo Chile Peppers, Chipotle Chile Peppers, and less ...
Bingo Mad Angles Tomato Madness Corn Chips
Bingo Mad Ang... $1.99
Mad Angles - Tomato Madness offers a delightful experience with its perfectly triangular shape and tangy flavor explosion. Crafted from a corn base, Bingo! Mad Angles chips provide a unique crunchy texture for a fun snacking experience while being trans fat-free.
Natkhat Wheat Puffs
Natkhat Wheat... $1.99
Get ready to crunch into the deliciousness of Natkhat Wheat Puffs! Made from wholesome wheat, these puffs are a healthier alternative to traditional snacks. With a satisfying crunch and savory flavor, these puffs are perfect for any snacking occasion. Say goodbye to greasy chips and hello to Natkhat Wheat Puffs!
Fun Flips Tango Puffs
Fun Flips Tan... $2.25
Delight in the tasty and nutritious Fun Flips Puffs in Tango flavor, a delightful snacking choice. Crafted from top-notch ingredients, these puffs are baked, not fried, offering a healthier option to classic potato chips. The Tango flavor provides a zingy and tangy taste that will keep you coming back for more.
Ass Kickin' Microwave Popcorn Carolina Reaper 99.2g
Ass Kickin' M... $6.98 $7.98
Carolina Reaper Microwave Popcorn with a Kick. Indulge in the fiery Ass Kickin' Carolina Reaper Microwave Popcorn, crafted with ground Carolina Reaper Pepper for an intense heat experience! With each bite, savor the initial savory garlic taste that quickly transforms into the scorching heat of the renowned Carolina Reaper, known as the world's hottest pepper.
Chamoy Pickle Kit w/ 4 items
Chamoy Pickle... $24.99
Amazing Mexican Sweets Blend - This collection gives you pickles (Ricos Chamoy), Swinkles Salsaghetti (watermelon), Lucas chamoy powder and sauce, and Lucas Muecas and Gusano (green apple).
THAI: Lay's Max Ghost Pepper  Flavor 44g.
THAI: Lay's M... $5.99
A startling turn to the exemplary brilliant Lay's Potato Chips, this thin furrowed Max Phantom Pepper chip conveys a fiery pepper taste with each nibble.
Takis Kettlez Fuego Mexico 227g
Takis Kettlez... $9.99
Barcel's Takis Kettlez Fuego Potato Chips are heavenly . Given over from one age to another, Chiles Toreados are made via singing new chiles on a rankling barbecue to heighten their intensity. With their new, fiery (fuego) flavor, Barcel has captured their essence.
Mix Spicy Korean Chicken Biscuit Sticks 60g (Thailand)
Mix Spicy Kor... $4.00
Get ready to add some spice to your snacking game with our Mix Spicy Korean Chicken Biscuit Sticks from Thailand! These crunchy and flavorful sticks pack a punch with their unique blend of Korean spices, making them the perfect snack for any occasion. Try them now and satisfy your cravings with a fiery twist!
Van Holten's Warheads Sour Jumbo Pickle
Van Holten's ... $5.99
Satisfy your craving for something sour with Van Holten's Warheads Sour Jumbo Pickle! This unique and quirky treat offers a playful combination of tangy pickles and sour Warheads candy that is sure to delight your taste buds. Don't just pick any pickle, grab a Warheads Sour Jumbo Pickle for a fun and flavorful experience!
Tedhe Medhe Masala Tadka 40g
Tedhe Medhe M... $1.99
Spice up your daily routine with Bingo! Tedhe Medhe, where every stick is different! Crafted from lentils, corn, and rice, this twisted snack boasts a distinct texture that provides a satisfying crunch.
Lay's Sour Twist Thailand
Lay's Sour Tw... $4.99
Experience a tangy, zesty twist on classic Lay's chips with Lay's Sour Twist Thailand. Bursting with bold flavors from Southeast Asia, these chips will take your taste buds on a wild ride. A unique twist for any snack lover!
Tostitos Salsa Verde 175g
Tostitos Sals... $6.99
These Mexican chips are the most popular and delicious snacks. Imported directly from Mexico, this box promises a flavorful journey, showcasing traditional Mexican tastes that are beloved by many. Each chip has its own distinct charm, making them perfect for any event and for anyone who enjoys exploring new and exciting flavors. 
Hully Gully Golden pack
Hully Gully G... $5.99
Spice up your life with the Hully Gully Golden pack! This unique masala blend is sure to bring a playful kick to your dishes. Don't settle for plain old seasoning, try the Hully Gully pack today!
Oyes Delicious Puffs Cocktail Flavor
Oyes Deliciou... $2.25
Indulge in the delicious and playful flavors of Oyes Delicious Puffs Cocktail Flavor. These fun, flavorful puffs are the perfect treat for any occasion. With every bite, you'll taste a burst of sweet and tangy cocktail goodness. (No need to be a mixologist to enjoy these bites of joy!)
Tajin Clasico (400g)
Tajin Clasico... $14.99
Introducing Tajin Clasico! Perfectly balanced with a blend of chili, lime, and salt, this 400g seasoning will add a punch of flavor to any dish. Sprinkle it on fruits, vegetables, or meats for a delicious and zesty kick. Say goodbye to boring food and hello to Tajin Clasico!
Takis Guacamole
Takis Guacamole $9.99
Add some spiciness to your snacking experience with Takis Guacamole! These crunchy corn chips are infused with the bold flavor of guacamole, making each bite a flavorful and unique sensation. Perfect for a party snack or a quick spicy fix, Takis Guacamole will be your new go-to snack!
Oyes Tangy Pudina Mint Masala Flavor
Oyes Tangy Pu... $2.25
Add a refreshing twist to your dishes with Oyes Tangy Pudina Mint Masala Flavor. Bursting with tangy and minty flavors, this masala will elevate your meals and leave your taste buds dancing. Perfect for those who crave a unique and mouth-watering experience.
Lays Sizzling Hot
Lays Sizzling... $1.99
Get ready to burn your taste buds with Lays Sizzling Hot chips! These fiery crisps are sure to spice up any snack time with their sizzling flavor. It's a guaranteed flavor explosion in every bite. Your mouth will thank you (but maybe not your taste buds)!
Bugles Original Flavor America's Finger Hat 85g
Bugles Origin... $7.99
Get your fingers on this crunchy sensation! Bugles Original Flavor America's Finger Hat packs a punch of flavor in every bite - and with 85g per bag, there's plenty to share (or keep all to yourself). America has never tasted so good!
Bugles Nacho Cheese 85g
Bugles Nacho ... $7.99
Indulge in the quirky crunch of Bugles Nacho Cheese chips! These crispy Bugles are coated with a savory and slightly spicy nacho cheese flavor that will leave your taste buds dancing. Perfect for snacking on the go, sharing with friends, or adding a fun twist to your next party. Get your crunch on with Bugles Nacho Cheese!
Fun Flips Mocktail Puffs
Fun Flips Moc... $2.25
Quench your thirst with a twist! Our Fun Flips Mocktail is the perfect blend of flavor and fun. Enjoy a refreshing beverage full of quirky flavor and playful vibes. Take a sip and let the good times roll! Cheers to delicious and unique mocktails!
Pretz Larb Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Pretz Larb Bu... $2.99
note: Best Before Date passed! Take snack time to the next level with Pretz Larb! Enjoy the perfect blend of light and crispy pretzels with an explosion of savory flavor in every bite. This unique snack will have you coming back for more! Perfect for parties, movie nights, or any time you're craving something deliciously different. Dare to try Pretz Larb today!
Fun Flips Puffs Masala
Fun Flips Puf... $2.25
This is an old packaging image: Get ready to spice up your snack game with Fun Flips Puffs Masala! These bite-sized puffs pack a flavorful punch with every bite. Say goodbye to boring snacks and hello to a fun and flavorful snacking experience. Enjoy them anytime, anywhere for a playful and satisfying break!