Nerds Gummy Clusters Freeze Dried Candy
Nerds Gummy C... $8.99
Experience a burst of flavor with Nerds Gummy Clusters Freeze Dried Candy! These bite-sized gummies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and provide a unique texture experience. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or sharing with friends. Grab a pack today and join the nerdy fun!
Nerds Twist & Mix Candy
Nerds Twist &... $5.99
Nerds Twist & Mix - This variety pack includes assorted flavors of Nerds rope, gummy clusters, and original Nerds candy in a mix perfect for sharing or trying all the Nerds candy varieties.
Nerds Gummy Cluster Very Berry Stand Up Resealable Pouch
Nerds Gummy C... $11.99
Experience a berry-ful burst of flavor with our Nerds Gummy Cluster Very Berry Stand Up Pouch! These mouthwatering clusters combine tangy berry flavors with a surprisingly chewy texture, creating a unique and satisfying snacking experience. Perfect for any sweet tooth, this stand up pouch is full of berry goodness.
Nerds Rope Rainbow Candy
Nerds Rope Ra... $3.50
Indulge in a colorful and playful treat with Nerds Rope Rainbow Candy. This delicious candy combines the tangy crunch of Nerds with the chewy fun of a rope, making it a perfect snack for any time of day. With its unique combination of flavors and textures, this candy is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Get ready to taste the rainbow!
Nerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry Share Pack
Nerds Gummy C... $5.99
Nerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry Share Pack - Share the tangy, sweet flavor bursting from these Nerds gummy clusters. Pack includes assorted very berry flavors like strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry.
Nerds Rope Tropical
Nerds Rope Tr... $3.50
A colorful gummy candy rope coated with the crunchy tang of Nerds candy. Indulge in the sunny and fruity flavors that will transport you to a vibrant destination. This playful treat is 12 inches in length, bendable, and stretchy, allowing you to savor it bite by bite or have fun pulling it apart.
Nerds Drink Mix Cherry Flavor x 6 packs
Nerds Drink M... $5.99
Quench your thirst with a twist! Our Nerds Drink Mix in delicious cherry flavor comes in a pack of 6, perfect for sharing (or not, we won't judge). With a playful mix of tart and sweet, this drink will make you the envy of all nerds (or non-nerds, we don't discriminate). Get your drink on with Nerds!
Nerds Watermelon and Cherry Candy
Nerds Waterme... $2.99
Indulge in the sweet and tangy flavors of our Nerds Watermelon and Cherry Candy! Each bite-sized piece packs a punch of fruity goodness. Perfect for satisfying your sugar cravings and adding some playfulness to your day. Get ready to nerd out (in a good way) with these candies!
Nerds Strawberry & Grape Flavoured Candy
Nerds Strawbe... $3.00
Add some fruity fun to your day with Nerds Strawberry & Grape Flavoured Candy! These tiny, tangy treats will have your taste buds dancing with a burst of delicious flavors. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth and adding a playful twist to any snack time. (Candy-coated humor not included. Oops, guess it is now!)
Nerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry 141g
Nerds Gummy C... $6.99
Upgrade your candy game with Nerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry. Indulge in a burst of sweet and sour flavors with every bite. Perfect for satisfying your cravings or sharing with friends. Take a break from the norm and try these quirky treats today!

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