Buy KSI Mango Prime in Canada

Buy KSI Mango Prime in Canada

KSI Mango Prime is the hottest new beverage in Canada, and Snack Attack has it in stock! As an official retailer of KSI's Mango Prime, Snack Attack can hook you up with the viral drink. Keep reading to learn more about Mango Prime and how to get it from Snack Attack while supplies last.

What is KSI Mango Prime?

Mango Prime is a mango flavored hydration drink created by YouTube sensation KSI in collaboration with Prime Hydration. This limited edition beverage is packed with vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants.

Some key ingredients include 10% coconut water, BCAAs, 140mg of caffeine, and vitamins C, D, B3, B5, and B6. These nutrients provide hydration and sustained energy.

The tropical mango flavor gives a delicious burst of refreshment. KSI Mango Prime is ideal for athletes, gamers, or anyone craving a flavorful pick-me-up.

Buy KSI Mango Prime Canada

As an authorized retailer of KSI's Mango Prime, Snack Attack has stock ready to ship across Canada.

You can buy Mango Prime directly from our online store at

Get free shipping anywhere in Canada on all $150 purchases. Snack Attack has limited quantities of this viral sensation. Order your Mango Prime from us before it sells out!

Why Buy KSI Prime from Snack Attack?

There are several benefits to buying KSI Mango Prime from Snack Attack:

  • Official Retailer - We are an authorized seller of Prime Hydration products. All items are guaranteed authentic.
  • Fast Shipping - We offer expedited delivery so you get your Mango Prime ASAP.
  • Well Stocked - As a certified Prime retailer, we get priority access to inventory.
  • Bundle Discounts - Save by bundling Mango Prime with other merchandise.
  • Excellent Service - Our team loves KSI and provides top notch customer service.
Snack Attack is your source for legit KSI Mango Prime in Canada. Get the exclusive drink delivered direct to your door!

Buy Orange Mango Prime Canada

Along with the original Mango Prime, KSI also launched a second flavor: Orange & Mango Prime. As an authorized Prime Hydration retailer, Snack Attack has this in stock too!What is Prime Orange Mango?
Orange & Mango Prime combines juicy orange with tropical mango flavors. It delivers the same hydration and energy boost as the original Mango Prime.Ingredients include coconut water, caffeine, BCAAs, and a Vitamin C, D, B3, B5, B6 blend. The orange mango taste is bright and refreshing.This is another limited edition Prime beverage that’s only available for a short time. The pairing of citrus orange and sweet mango is perfect for summer.

Why Buy KSI Mango Prime in Canada?

There are several great reasons to get your hands on KSI's Mango Prime drink in Canada:
  • Popular influencer brand - KSI has a massive following, so fans want to try the products he creates. His name adds hype and demand.
  • Tropical flavor - The mango flavor is tropical, delicious and refreshing. It's perfect for summertime.
  • Wellness benefits - With added vitamins, electrolytes and BCAAs, Mango Prime is formulated for hydration and performance. It provides real wellness advantages.
  • Energy boost - The 140mg caffeine content gives you sustained energy without a crash. It's great pre-workout or as an afternoon pick-me-up.
  • Limited edition - KSI Mango Prime is available for a limited time only, making this a must-try seasonal product. Once it sells out, it's gone!
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