Where To Buy Warheads Soda in Vancouver Canada

Where To Buy Warheads Soda in Vancouver Canada

Warheads soda has exploded in popularity recently among candy and soda lovers. The intense sour flavor of Warheads candy is now available in a fizzy, carbonated drink! Warheads soda perfectly captures the pucker-inducing taste of Warheads candy in a fun, soda form.

At Snack Attack, we offer a wide selection of Warheads soda flavors for Canadian candy fans to enjoy. Keep reading to learn more about Warheads soda and where to buy it in Canada.

Where to Buy Warheads Soda in Canada

Warheads soda is not yet available nationwide in Canada. But you can find it at select candy and soda retailers.

Buy Warheads Soda Vancouver

Snack Attack is one of the leading Warheads soda retailers in Canada. We carry the full range of Warheads soda flavors for fast shipping across Canada.

Stock up on your favorite extreme sour sodas at SnackAttack.ca.

Buy Warheads Soda Online in Canada

Warheads Soda Flavors

Warheads soda comes in a variety of sour flavors, each inspired by popular Warheads candy flavors. Here are some of the sour soda flavors you can find:

  • Blue Raspberry - Tart and sweet blue raspberry flavor
  • Green Apple - Sour green apple flavor
  • Black Cherry - Intense black cherry sourness
  • Watermelon - Extreme watermelon sour soda
  • Blue Berry - Mouthwatering blueberry taste
  • Fruit Punch - Fizzy fruity punch sourness
The intense sourness of Warheads soda makes each flavor really pop. The flavors perfectly match the sour fruity taste of Warheads candy.

Warheads Soda Flavors and Where to Buy in Canada

Warheads candy is iconic for its mouth-puckering sour intensity. Now Warheads has transformed into a soda that provides an explosive sour rush. Warheads soda perfectly captures the extreme tartness of Warheads candy in a fizzy beverage.This trendy sour soda is starting to pop up at candy shops and soda boutiques across Canada. Keep reading to learn about the Warheads soda flavors you can find and the best places to buy Warheads soda in Canada. 

Where to Buy Warheads Soda in Canada

 Warheads soda is starting to appear on shelves at local candy shops and soda boutiques across Canada. Here are some of the best spots to find Warheads soda:
  • Snack Attack - Canada's leading online candy store ships Warheads soda straight to your door.
  • Well.ca - This popular online health food store carries all the top new food and drinks.
  • Amazon.ca - Warheads soda periodically pops up for sale while supplies last.
  • Independent candy shops - Check your local candy retailers for hard-to-find sodas.
The secret is getting out about the intense sour rush of Warheads soda. Satisfy your sour tooth and pucker up with this viral candy sensation across Canada today!

Warheads Soda Review

Warheads candy is known and feared for its mouth-puckering sour intensity. Now Warheads has channeled that extreme tartness into the world of soda. Warheads soda perfectly captures the lip-smacking flavor of Warheads candy in carbonated liquid form.Here is an in-depth review of Warheads soda including the flavor, sourness, and overall taste experience:
  • Intense First Sip Sourness
When you first sip Warheads soda, be prepared for an explosion of extreme sourness! The soda does an incredible job mimicking the sour sugar coating on Warheads candy.The tartness almost stings your mouth at first sip. Your lips instantly pucker and eyes start watering. The sourness is aggressive and makes your jaw tingle. Lovers of intense sour candy will be in heaven!
  • Fruity Sweet Finish
After that initial burst of mouth-watering sourness, the flavor of Warheads soda evolves. The extreme tartness fades, allowing the sweet fruity soda base to come through.You’re left with residual mouthwatering sourness mingling with sweet fruit flavors like raspberry, cherry, or apple depending on the variety.This balance of sour and sweet in Warheads soda makes the intense tartness more drinkable and approachable. The sweetness rounds out the sour for the ideal candy-inspired soda.
  • Fizzy and Smooth
Warheads soda pours a gorgeous bright color depending on the fruit flavor. In the can and glass, it’s fizzy with a frothy foam head.The bubbles provide a fun tickly carbonation to enjoy. The soda itself has a smooth, lightly syrupy texture.The mixture of fizzy bubbles, velvety soda texture, sweet fruitiness, and mouthwatering sourness makes Warheads soda a truly fun drinking experience!

Final Verdict

Warheads soda lives up to its name, delivering deliciously extreme sour flavor that candy lovers crave. That intense tartness paired with fruity fizzy soda makes Warheads an explosion of flavors in your mouth.While the initial mouth-puckering sourness can be shocking, the sweet flavors balance it out for an exciting and highly drinkable beverage. Warheads soda is a hit! 
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