Chips You Must Try on National Potato Chip Day and Beyond

Chips You Must Try on National Potato Chip Day and Beyond

Do you know National Potato Chip Day is celebrated on March 14th to honor the number 1 American snack- Potato chips? If not- You should know about this. How can you? Don’t you like eating potato chips? If you know- Well done! However, picking chips that can elevate your snacking experience can be difficult. To help you, we have curated a list of delicious potato chips that will make this day memorable. So, let us take you on the journey of the tastiest potato chips that you might not have tried before.

1. Ruffles All Dressed Flavored Potato Chips

Ruffles All-dressed flavored potato chips are known for their unique and bold flavors- You will become their fan even if you are not much into Canadian food. Frito-Lay manufactures Ruffles All Dressed Flavors Potato Chips, so you don’t have to worry about the chip quality. Ruffles contain a unique combination of different flavors, which include salty, tangy, savory, vinegar, and many more.

2. Lays Magic Masala

Lays magic masala is an irresistible and crunchy snack from India that is known for its bold and spicy seasoning. So, if you want to try the aromatic Indian spices on potato chips, try Lay's Magic Masala. These chips will take you on a flavor journey where every bite is an explosion of Indian spices. So, don’t wait too much. Treat yourself to these tasty Lays Magic Masala chips.

Lays Magic Masala

3. Pringles- Mexican Street Corn

Pringles- Mexican Street Corn is insanely mouth-watering, crispy, and less greasy. They come in a convenient can, so you can eat them anywhere, whether it's your home or somewhere else. Every chip is infused with roasted spices and tangy citrus zest that will create a flavorful punch in every bite.

Pringles - Mexican Street Corn Elote

4. Netflix Sesame Oil Potato Chips

Netflix Sesame Oil Potato Chips have a distinctive and rich flavor due to the added sesame oil, which makes it different from traditional chips. Also, sesame oil is known for its health benefits, and as they are cooked in sesame oil, they provide a healthier alternative. So, if you are looking to eat something healthy and exotic on National Potato Chips Day, consider having these flavorful chips.


We all love potato chips for their crunchy texture, delectable flavors, and convenient snacking experience. This National Potato Chip Day, if you want to try some unique potato chips, such as the one we have mentioned above, explore the Snack Attack website. We have a wide selection of exotic potato chips that’ll satisfy your craving for unique flavors. 

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