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Bar One Caramel Chocolate India Best Before Date Passed
Bar One Caram... $2.25 $4.50
Bar One, a renowned chocolate bar, was created and produced by Nestlé in South Africa. This delectable treat, available in South Africa and India, is reminiscent of the British Mars Bars. It features a layer of malted nougat topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate.
Warheads sour soda green apple
Warheads sour... $3.98
Slightly bubbly, with a refreshing flavor profile, this drink offers a blend of crispness and sweetness, made with pure cane sugar and completely caffeine-free. Green Apple, often associated with autumn, undergoes a significant reduction in acidity, resulting in a well-rounded taste that is perfect for creating cider.
Kit Kat White Creme Chocolate
Kit Kat White... $3.99
Add a touch of fun to your break with our KitKat® White Chocolate 4 Finger bar. Indulge in our classic crispy wafer, covered in smooth white chocolate. Take a moment to savor the sweeter moments by tearing, breaking, snapping, and enjoying.
Pulparindo Mango
Pulparindo Mango $1.25
De La Rosa creates this candy using tamarind fruit pulp, and it is flavored with sugar, salt, and chili peppers to achieve a unique blend of tart, sweet, salty, and spicy tastes.
Pelon Pelenotes Mexican Tamarind Candy
Pelon Pelenot... $1.88
Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarind Candy stands out as a top choice for spicy candy lovers in Mexico. This traditional treat features tamarind flavor and is packed with tamarind pulp in a push-pop style, ensuring that the inner tamarind pulp candy emerges at the top.
Hi-Chew Soda Pop
Hi-Chew Soda Pop $7.50
Hi-Chew's latest Soda Pop Mix introduces a novel taste sensation! The Ramune flavor offers a blend of sparkling, sweet white soda with a hint of classic cola. This new flavor is bound to be a favorite among soda candy enthusiasts.
Pulparindo Watermelon
Pulparindo Wa... $1.25
La Rosa Pulparindo Watermelon is a zesty tamarind pulp candy with a hint of salt that will tantalize your taste buds. Crafted using real fruit.
Pulparindots Spicy
Pulparindots ... $1.50
PULPARINDOTS HOT  are tasty tamarind candies with an added spicy twist. These candies are coated with salted tamarind pulp, delivering a mix of tangy and fiery flavors with each bite.
Pulparindots Original
Pulparindots ... $1.50
The candy is created from tamarind fruit pulp, combined with sugar, salt, and chili peppers, resulting in a unique blend of tart, sweet, salty, and spicy flavors. For an extra kick, try the "extra picante" version, known for its intense spiciness.
Squirt Glass Bottle 355 ml
Squirt Glass ... $4.98
Satiate your thirst and immerse yourself in the succulent sweetness of the revitalizing grapefruit essence in Squirt soda, a delightful specialty originating from Mexico.
Fatafat 12g Pack of 5
Fatafat 12g P... $3.99
Jamun Gola Blackcurrant Candy Snack Attack
Jamun Gola Bl... $5.50
Jamun Gola Snack Attack Blackcurrant candy from India.
Hi Chew Kiwi Flavor Chewy Candy
Hi Chew Kiwi ... $3.99
Indulge in the delightfully chewy Hi-Chew Kiwi fruit candies. These tasty treats feature a vibrant and fruity center encased in a white candy coating. With a texture that falls between taffy and gum, each chew promises a soft, smooth, and satisfying experience that will tantalize your taste buds. Expand your palate by exploring all the sensational Hi-Chew flavors available!
Churan Sticks 10 pcs
Churan Sticks... $4.75
Lal Juban Churan is crafted from a blend of various spices, delivering an authentic taste that evokes childhood memories. If you enjoy sweet and sour candies and relish the sight of a brightly colored tongue, this is a must-have treat! *Imported from India.
Fanta Orange Mexico
Fanta Orange ... $4.99
Fanta Orange is a delightful sparkling orange fruit beverage that tantalizes taste buds with its intense and refreshing orange flavor. This fun fizzy fruit soda offers a bold and bubbly sensation that naturally awakens the senses.
Khatori 10 packs
Khatori 10 packs $2.99
A delightful blend of sweet and savory flavors, the classic and mouth-watering taste of Aam Papad, a plant-based candy, is undeniably a beloved childhood snack for every Indian kid. Proudly Made in India.
Dr. Pepper Cream Soda
Dr. Pepper Cr... $2.50
The initial sip reveals a burst of vibrant cherry flavor, followed by a subtle hint of vanilla, all encompassed by the authentic taste of Dr Pepper.
Eclair Candy 14 pcs
Eclair Candy ... $4.99
Cadbury milk chocolate wrapped in a chewy caramel. Introduced in 1965.
Pan Bites Mouth Freshner Candy
Pan Bites Mou... $5.99
Paan Balls or Paan Bites are delightful sweets crafted from Betel Leaves, Gulkand, Nuts, and Sauf. These digestive mukhwas offer a taste reminiscent of enjoying a sweet Paan.
Warheads Sour Lemon Soda Pop
Warheads Sour... $3.75
Warheads Sour Soda, personally endorsed by Wally Warheads, delivers a powerful sour taste. This soda combines the energizing fizz of a soda with the tartness of lemon candies. Among the latest popular Warheads products is the organically flavored Sour!
Warheads Sour Watermelon Soda
Warheads Sour... $3.75
Prepare for an explosion of sourness followed by a refreshing and tangy watermelon aftertaste! This soda is sure to awaken your taste buds and add some energy to your day. Satisfy your craving for sourness with the Warheads Sour Watermelon Soda!
Chatmola 5 packs
Chatmola 5 packs $3.50
Delightful and Exciting Candies Made with Quality Ingredients such as Dried Mango Powder, Black Pepper, Salt, and Various Natural Spices. Crafted in India with a traditional recipe and modern machinery in clean and hygienic facilities.
Fanta Grape Mexico
Fanta Grape M... $4.99
It's here from Mexico! Mexican Fanta Grape is a well-known grape soda that is made from real, unadulterated cane sugar. it is very completely ready to transport!
Yoohoo Chocolate Drink
Yoohoo Chocol... $3.99
Indulge in the creamy, chocolatey goodness of Yoohoo! Made with real cocoa, this drink will satisfy your chocolate cravings while providing a refreshing boost of energy. Perfect for on-the-go or as a sweet treat, Yoohoo is a delicious way to quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth.
THAI: Lay's Max Ghost Pepper  Flavor 44g.
THAI: Lay's M... $5.99
A startling turn to the exemplary brilliant Lay's Potato Chips, this thin furrowed Max Phantom Pepper chip conveys a fiery pepper taste with each nibble.
Alpenliebe Toffee Cream Fills  20 pcs
Alpenliebe To... $3.50
With crunchy caramel toffee outside and a fluid rich shock inside Alpenliebe Creamfills offer an exceptional item experience. Both children and adults with sweet tooths will enjoy the smooth, rich flavor.
Amira Makam - Tamarind Filled Candy (Thailand)
Amira Makam -... $4.25
Indulge in a taste explosion with Amira Makam Tamarind Filled Candy! Sourced from Thailand, these sweet treats are bursting with tangy tamarind filling. The perfect balance of sweet and sour, with a unique twist that will leave your taste buds wanting more. (Warning: may cause addiction!)
Mix Spicy Korean Chicken Biscuit Sticks 60g (Thailand)
Mix Spicy Kor... $4.00
Get ready to add some spice to your snacking game with our Mix Spicy Korean Chicken Biscuit Sticks from Thailand! These crunchy and flavorful sticks pack a punch with their unique blend of Korean spices, making them the perfect snack for any occasion. Try them now and satisfy your cravings with a fiery twist!
Mentos Soda Mix (Thailand)
Mentos Soda M... $3.00
Get ready for a taste explosion with Mentos Soda Mix! This unique drink from Thailand packs a punch of flavor in every sip. With the combination of Mentos and soda, it's a refreshing treat that will satisfy your taste buds. Bring some fun to your beverage game with Mentos Soda Mix!
Mentos Sour Mix (Thailand)
Mentos Sour M... $3.99
Get ready to pucker up with Mentos Sour Mix! These tangy treats from Thailand will have your taste buds dancing with delight. Experience the perfect blend of sweet and sour in each bite. Don't miss out on this unique and playful twist on the classic Mentos candy. (Contains real fruit juice!)
Gems Single Pack
Gems Single Pack $0.99
Indulge in the sweet, sparkling goodness of Gems candy! These bite-sized chocolates will make your taste buds dance and your heart sing. With each pack containing a variety of delicious flavors, you'll never get bored of these gems. Satisfy your cravings and treat yourself to some Gems today!k
Polo Paan Flavour Mint Candy India Best before passed
Polo Paan Fla... $1.99
Get a taste of India with Polo Paan Flavour Mint Candy! Indulge in the unique blend of sweet mint and traditional paan flavor. The perfect combination of exotic and refreshing, these candies are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. Try them now!
Mango Masti 20 packs - India
Mango Masti 2... $8.98
Get the best of India with Mango Masti! This pack of 20 juicy, ripe mangoes will transport you straight to the streets of India. Bursting with flavor and sweetness, Mango Masti is a must-have for any mango lover. (P.S. It's a-mango-zing!)
Mentos Candy Mint Flavor Pouch 20 pcs
Mentos Candy ... $3.50
Get your mint on with Mentos Candy Mint Flavor Pouch! This pack contains 20 pieces of refreshing minty goodness. Perfect for freshening your breath or satisfying a sweet tooth. Empower your taste buds (and your social interactions) with Mentos!
Aam Pachan Digestive Candy 5 pcs
Aam Pachan Di... $2.99
Indulge in the mouth-watering Aam Pachan Digestive Candy! With the power of aam and pachan, these delicious candies aid digestion and satisfy your sweet tooth. Each pack comes with 5 pieces of pure bliss. (Warning: may result in uncontrollable cravings!)
Center Fresh Jar - 150-200 pcs
Center Fresh ... $11.98 $19.98
Get 150-200 fresh pieces of Center gum in a handy jar! Keep your breath fresh with this playful jar of Center Fresh gum. Perfect for on-the-go use with a quirky and nonchalant attitude.

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