Warheads sour soda green apple
Warheads sour... $3.75
Slightly bubbly, with a refreshing flavor profile, this drink offers a blend of crispness and sweetness, made with pure cane sugar and completely caffeine-free. Green Apple, often associated with autumn, undergoes a significant reduction in acidity, resulting in a well-rounded taste that is perfect for creating cider.
Warheads Sour Lemon Soda Pop
Warheads Sour... $3.75
Warheads Sour Soda, personally endorsed by Wally Warheads, delivers a powerful sour taste. This soda combines the energizing fizz of a soda with the tartness of lemon candies. Among the latest popular Warheads products is the organically flavored Sour!
Warheads Sour Watermelon Soda
Warheads Sour... $3.75
Prepare for an explosion of sourness followed by a refreshing and tangy watermelon aftertaste! This soda is sure to awaken your taste buds and add some energy to your day. Satisfy your craving for sourness with the Warheads Sour Watermelon Soda!
Warheads Mega Sour Booms! Fruit Chews Peg Bag 71g
Warheads Mega... $4.88
Indulge in the ultimate sour experience with Warheads Mega Sour Booms! Fruit Chews. Each bag contains 71g of fruity chews that will make your taste buds tingle with intense sour flavor. Perfect for satisfying your cravings and adding some excitement to your day.
Warheads Blue Raspberry Sour Sweet Fruity Cubes 99g
Warheads Blue... $3.88
This set contains blue candy cubes with a blue raspberry flavor. These chewy candies are both sour and sweet, coated in sugar. Each serving contains 100 calories and is free of fat. These bite-sized treats are ideal for snacking at any time.